One of the busiest Quebec drive-ins in America

Outdoor cinema has experienced a resurgence in popularity in several places around the world since the beginning of the pandemic and Quebec is no exception to this phenomenon. Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache has even risen to the second rank of cinemas drive-in the busiest in North America this past weekend.

According to an article published on Tuesday on the specialized site Deadline Hollywood, Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache raised $ 105,400 during the Father’s Day weekend. Only one other drive-in park in North America raised more money than that of Saint-Eustache during these three days: the Ford Wyoming Drive-In, in Dearborn, Michigan ($ 127,300).

Joined by The newspaper, Brigitte Mathers, president of the Mathers Group (which manages Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache), did not seem surprised when she learned this information: “Our ciné-parc is the largest in Canada and probably one of the largest in North America, so it’s not surprising that we are on this list, ”she said.

With its five screens, the Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache can accommodate up to 3000 cars in normal times. But with the new distance rules to be observed during the pandemic (two meters between each car), the capacity has been reduced.

“I would say we had around 1,300 cars last Friday and 1,400 the next day,” says Brigitte Mathers. With the two meters distance, it’s more complicated. But I’m still very surprised to see that the public is there evening after evening even if we have no new film to present. Last week we presented the first Harry Potter and it has been one of the most successful films so far this summer. It shows that after confinement, people were anxious to get out of their homes to do activities. “


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