On World Alzheimer’s Day, the “path of forget-me-nots” was unveiled.

brings Peter Donk
SLIEDRECHT – The ‘Forget-me-not path’ was inaugurated on Wednesday afternoon, 21 September 2022, in the park near the AanZet library and the war memorial. This was done in good weather by Wim de Groot (van De Groot & Schagen) and his mother in the presence of Social Domain councilor Cees Paas (SGP-ChristenUnie).

De Groot’s father died of Alzheimer’s. He made the presentation with his mother. (Photo Peter Donk / Sliedrecht24)

Councilor Paas began with a short speech on the latent disease of dementia, which is slowly taking hold in some. “It is also a debilitating disease, in which mental faculties continue to decline. Actions, such as dressing, cooking or making a sandwich are becoming increasingly difficult or even impossible, “Paas said. It is a condition that affects one in five people. In women, it is even one in three. Paas:” It is estimated that around 550 people with dementia live in Sliedrecht. As we are getting older, that number will increase to over 900 in 2040. People live with dementia for an average of eight years, the first six of which at home. We all have to deal with it. “

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Councilor Cees Paas during his speech on Wednesday afternoon. Paas: “Dementia is a disease that requires attention all the time, every day. That is why we are here today. To draw attention to dementia. On the one hand, to prevent it as much as possible through a healthy lifestyle. But on the other hand it also shows what Sliedrecht has to offer “. (Photo below Peter Donk / Sliedrecht24)

Sliedrecht Municipality has been a dementia-friendly municipality since 2019. “We are committed to a community where dementia is accepted, recognized and where people know how to deal with it. We work hard for a community to help them out when they no longer know and need our help. A community that also deals openly with dementia. Where the right information can be found, where there is tailored support and where residents, volunteers and professionals, as well as entrepreneurs reinforce each other, “says Paas.

From donations
The music was provided by the singer MAY of Papendrecht. She sang / played guitar a song she wrote about Alzheimer’s herself. She based her text on a practical example. French and Agnes. The appropriate song received warm applause. Then came the inauguration of the route with more than 30 ‘forget-me-not cards’. De Groot said the tiles were paid for with Alzheimer’s disease donations during an open day at the De Groot & Schagen company. “My dad opened that day and then it deteriorated quickly. He remained in the Waerthove nursing home. An amount of € 10,000 was raised during the open day and that money was donated to Alzheimer’s Sliedrecht. Special cards are also paid. He helps people find their way. In this environment you can meet people with dementia faster, ”said De Groot, after which he unveiled a directional sign with his mother. Finally, narrator Nico van Lent presented a personal story about dementia.

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Wim de Groot tells what happened to his father. (Photo Peter Donk / Sliedrecht24)

There was a lot to do in the park. There were information booths from the Odensehuis and daytime activities in the Seniorenhuys De Schalm, an experience table and memory games from the Library, Alzheimer’s Café from Alzheimer’s Nederland, the Unforgettable Cooking Club (new in Sliedrecht from mid-December 2021 ), the GGD on the link between a healthy lifestyle and dementia, the case managers of dementia, the informal point of care, the vending machines and the artisanal table for dementia (also where the Happy Stones do – ed).

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