Official! This is ONIC Esports Roster for MPL Indonesia Season 7

Roster ONIC Esports on MPL Season 7. (YouTube / ONIC Esports) – Mobile Legends The Indonesian Professional League (MPL) Season 7 which is ready to be held will soon create several teams sports prepare the players. Through social media, roster ONIC Esports for MPL Indonesia Season 7 has been revealed to the public.

The team with the Yellow Hedgehog logo still retains some of its flagship players in the last season. Even so, we don’t see Antimage and Psychoo who have moved to EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi.

Not only through social media, roster introductions were also carried out through the ONIC Esports YouTube channel. Interestingly enough, the introduction to the video uses several effects similar to the popular anime Attack on Titan.

When introducing the name, there is a flash effect similar to the character in AoT when it turns into a titan. They also acted out a hand biting pose like Eldia who would turn into a titan.

ONIC Esports’ Roster for MPL Indonesia Season 7, namely “Kiboy” Nicky, Calvin Winata (CW), “Rasy” Arga, “Sanz” Gilang, Lu Khai Bean (Sasa), Muhammad Satrya (Butsss), Adrian “Drian” Larsen, and Irfan Yusuf (Maipan).

Roster ONIC Esports on MPL Season 7. (Instagram / onic.esports)

From the row of rosters above, there are two new players who departed from MDL, namely Kiboy and Maipan. Not only the roster, apparently ONIC also introduced their new jersey. The jersey this time has a majority of yellow color with black pattern on the sleeves.

The hedgehog logo is placed on the left side of the chest. The new ONIC jersey offers a more striking yellow color than the previous one, which had white and black colors.

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Hopefully ONIC’s introduction to the titan effect can lead them to reach the top like in the last MPL ID Season 3. Please note, ONIC Esports also performed very well in MPL Indonesia Season 6.

They even occupied the top 3 in the regular season round of MPL Indonesia Season 6. Even so, they had to go down to the Lower Bracket after losing to RRQ and being eliminated when defeated by Alter Ego in the play-off round.

ONIC Sanz performed well as a “rising star” and became MVP several times.

It is quite interesting whether the ONIC Esports roster for MPL Indonesia Season 7 is able to repeat their success in season three or not.


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