Off Side: August Facebook viral challenge today: the first thing you check in the rev challenge

In networks, a singular causes a stir for Internet users. What is it about? This time, in addition to having to differentiate figures in a confusing image, what you perceive first will reveal some characteristics in terms of your personality. You may already know these traits, but when they tell you it becomes more evident. Pay attention to the next challenge.

Can you see the duck hiding among pigeons? Overcome the viral challenge of the moment

The impossible challenge: find the puppy hidden among the leaves

This went viral on social networks like , it is included as it is based on results in the psychology of Gestalt. The only thing you have to do is take a quick look at the image that we will show you below, the same one that is composed of several elements. You will have to choose the one you chose first, the one that was most striking at first impression.

What did you see first in the picture?

Look at the picture.

Well, now we will describe what each of the elements of the image means. What describes you is what you saw at the first moment.


You let your instincts guide you and you are not afraid to let them out. Although these sometimes make you act a little irrational or wild, they help you to fiercely pursue your goals and give you momentum not to stop until you reach them.

However, you must be careful because sometimes this instinct causes you to hurt others Or that you are too arrogant to ask for advice. Listen to them because sometimes they can be useful and do not feel failure as something definitive, because you tend to fall into it.

In case you saw the lion first.
In case you saw the lion first.


If it was the first thing you saw, this represents that you are a person who usually gets carried away, and that you are a very sensitive person, so the course of your life changes when someone betrays or disappoints you, which can cause you a lot of problems.

In case you saw the fish first.
In case you saw the fish first.


You are someone very critical who cannot accept that others do not demand so much of themselves while you try too hard. You are always looking to acquire new knowledge. Your ideas are fresh and your intelligence opens up many paths for you. However, even if you always believe that you are correct, you must respect the opinions of others and learn to listen.

In case you saw the gorilla first.
In case you saw the gorilla first.


If the first thing that caught your eye was the shaded tree, this would mean that reason and logic guide your life. You are a person with a great capacity to solve problems and you are a born leader. Perhaps, the negative part is that your goals are very ambitious and that you do not allow yourself to dream because you are always very attached to reality.

In case you saw the tree first.
In case you saw the tree first.



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Dog tried ice cream for the first time in his life and his hilarious reaction is viral in networks
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