OECD Superindex confirms decline in growth, including Italy – Economy


The OECD super index, designed to anticipate future economic trends by 6-9 months, continues to indicate a “slowdown in growth” in most of the world’s major economies, including Italy. In particular, according to a note released by the Paris-based international body, the OECD’s Advanced Economic Indicators (ICA) “continue to signal a slowdown in growth in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, as well as in euro zone, in particular, in Germany, France and Italy”. “As in previous months – continues the OECD – these developments can mainly be attributed to high inflation and an increase in interest rates”.
For Japan, the OECD points out, we continue to glimpse a dynamic of “stable growth”. Among the emerging economies, the note continues, “the signals remain mixed. In China (industrial sector), the ICA confirms signs of “stabilization of growth”. Conversely, in India and Brazil, the ICAs anticipate a “slowdown” due to monetary indicators and manufacturing orders respectively.


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