Nvidia makes game streaming service GeForce NOW available with free limited version – Gaming – News

Nvidia gets its GeForce NOW gamestream service from beta. Everyone can now sign up for the service. There is a free variant with play sessions of a maximum of one hour and a paid variant without limit, which temporarily costs 5.49 euros per month.

The free version of GeForce NOW offers play sessions of up to one hour, but the number of sessions in unlimited. In theory, players can start a new session after an hour, although they may have to wait until a place is available. Nvidia reports that free memberships receive ‘standard access’, while for the paid variant this is ‘priority access’.

The paid membership costs 5.49 euros per month. Nvidia reports that this is a temporary offer that applies throughout 2020. What the subscription costs after that is not clear. Paying members get a session length of up to six hours and Nvidia turns on RTX effects with these subscriptions. It is also possible to try out the paid subscription for 90 days for free. Games run in full HD resolution with up to 60fps.

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW is a streaming service where gamers can run their previously purchased games on Nvidia’s hardware in the cloud. For example, games can be played on devices that themselves do not have a powerful video card. The service connects to game stores such as Steam, uPlay, the Epic Games Store and Battle.net. Games that the players own on such platforms can be streamed via GeForce Now. The relevant games must also be supported by the Nvidia servers.

GeForce NOW works on PCs and there is an Android app available. The service also works on Android TV, for example via Nvidia’s Shield TV. There is no iOS app and Nivida does not say if it will come. The company does say that the service will also work on Chromebooks later this year.

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Nvidia also has one Dutch GeForce NOW page put online. At the time of writing, the buttons to take a membership do not work. However, the service should be available immediately.

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