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Why destroy nature when it has zero effect on the world’s climate? (post by Einar H. Årstad, Master of Science in Electrical / Technical Cybernetics, employed by Equinor) (Stavanger Aftenblad)
The world’s CO emissions related to the combustion of oil, coal and gas were 20,300 megatons in 2021. Norway’s figure was 32 megatons (less than one thousandth). Norway has an energy mix of 71 percent renewable against the world’s 13 percent. What we Norwegians need is a solid dose of reality orientation. The seas

Compulsory wage board in the air strike (Online newspaper)
– In the afternoon yesterday, there was a warning from the Norwegian Board of Health that we had to intervene in the conflict today before ten o’clock, to avoid danger to life and health. Unfortunately, I have had no choice but to be forced to pay, says Persen. The seas

The Director of the Storting approves a fee from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and resigns (NTB)
The Storting’s director, Marianne Andreassen, has decided on an infringement fee from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority of NOK 2 million, and at the same time resigns, it is stated in a statement on Tuesday morning. The seas

The Storting demands severance pay from two ex-representatives (Today’s business)
The Storting’s lawyers have sent demands for repayment of severance pay to the former FRP representatives Jan Arild Ellingsen and Per Roald Bredvold. The letters, which according to the Storting must be regarded as formal notifications of lawsuits, were sent on Monday. The seas

Sylvi Listhaug wants an external investigation by the police and PST (NTB)
Sylvi Listhaug requests that the evaluation of PST and the police be carried out by an independent commission. She sharply criticizes PST’s security assessment of the perpetrator. She is also critical of the fact that the threat level for terrorism was scaled down on 16 June, shortly before the shooting in Oslo. – It is difficult to have confidence in PST after so many misjudgments in such a short time, Listhaug writes. The seas

PST’s assessments do not look very good now (comment by Andreas Slettholm) (Aftenposten)
Has the Police Security Service underestimated the danger from the Norwegian jihadist community? The seas

Economists are asking the authorities to drop biofuel requirements (nations)
Norwegian requirements for biofuels in diesel and petrol occupy more topsoil than our wheat production, according to three economists, who are asking for the requirement to be cut. The seas

Put on the coverall (article by Sigrun Gjerløw Aasland, leader of the Environmental Foundation Zero) (Dagens Næringsliv)
Climate policy is a demanding political craft. Especially because the job is becoming less and less politics, and more and more craftsmanship. The seas

Why do politicians not do something about the high house prices? (by columnist Are Oust, associate professor at NTNU Business School) (Dagens Næringsliv)
If we want lower house prices, well then we have to build more. The seas

Warns companies against China (Dagbladet Børsen)
Liberal Party leader Guri Melby believes the government is too vague about the consequences of more trade with China. The seas

New NATO threat from Russia: – Will trigger World War III (TV 2)
Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev strongly warns NATO against approaching Crimea. At the same time, he points to Sweden and Finland. The seas

Come up with Pride criticism – accused of having facilitated violence (Online newspaper)
– Of course it is possible to be critical of Pride, and at the same time be critical of terror, says the editor. The seas

Skeive more exposed to hate crime (NTB)
LGBT + people are far more exposed to hate crime than heterosexuals, and the number of reviews has tripled in the last decade. The seas

Of course, it can be about religion (post by Ola Svenneby, leader, Young Conservatives National Association) (Aftenposten)
Learn from the July 22 debate. Let it not be ten years before we discuss the role of religions in violent attacks. The seas

Muslim networks strongly condemn the shooting (Aftenposten)
Several of Norway’s Muslim networks express grief after the mass shooting in Oslo. The seas

Støre regrets that the pride mark must be canceled (NTB)
– There is nothing I would rather do today than stand shoulder to shoulder with queers and everyone who had planned to meet, to join in on diversity, freedom and love. The seas

Solberg on pride cancellation: – Very sorry (VG)
Erna Solberg says that it is infinitely sad that the police believe the situation is so serious that they recommend postponing all pride events. The seas

The PST chief fears follow-up after the shooting in Oslo (NTB)
PST chief Roger Berg says that they fear new attacks after the shooting in Oslo. The seas

Facebook has closed Arfan Bhatti’s user account (Aftenposten)
Islamist Arfan Bhatti’s Facebook account has been closed. This is stated by Nordic communications manager Regitze Reeh in Facebook owner Meta. The seas

Oslo Pride: No pride parade in Oslo until after the summer holidays at the earliest (NTB)
The leader of Oslo Pride, Inger Kristin Haugsevje, says that they will not arrange a pride parade in Oslo this summer. The seas

The group leaders in the city council urgently summoned to a meeting with the city council leader about the «situation in Oslo» (Avisa Oslo)
City council leader Raymond Johansen urgently summoned the group leaders in the city council to a meeting on Monday night. According to Avisa Oslo, this is about “the situation in Oslo”. – There is a state of emergency in Oslo when freedom of expression and assembly is not real. Now two important markings have been canceled because the police are not able to secure people. That’s not how we can have it. This is an exceptional situation we must get out of as soon as possible, the Liberal Party’s group leader Hallstein Bjercke told Avisa Oslo before the meeting. The seas

Gahr Støre does not drop the tax promise (Trygve Hegnar’s manager, Finansavisen)
Kari Elisabeth Kaski’s demand for more tax and that Gahr Støre must break the party’s tax promise, has given a clear result. The tax promise will not be changed. Gahr Støre and the government have to deliver. That is, for the budget 2023 and the following years before the next parliamentary election. The seas

– They have totally failed (Finansavisen)
The Labor Party is most concerned with meeting the Communists in Red and the most left-wing in the trade union movement, Sylvi Listhaug believes. The seas

Crisis meeting on traffic deaths: Assessing adjusted speed limits and increased use of speed cameras (NTB)
Adjusted speed limits and increased use of speed cameras are among the measures that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is considering to overcome traffic fatalities. The seas

Frp: – This is with respect to report bureaucratic slander from the government (Aftenposten)
Can Nav cover the difference between a student loan and the cost of a year at folk high school? The Ministry’s answers are interpreted differently by different politicians. The seas

Rødt’s group leader in Oslo will not be re-elected (Aftenposten)
Rødt’s high-profile group leader in Oslo, Eivor Evenrud, will resign next year. She states this herself on Facebook. The seas

Attacks on civilians in Ukraine will be a topic in the UN Security Council (NTB)
The UN Security Council is meeting on Tuesday night at the request of Ukraine following Russian attacks on civilian targets in recent days. The seas

G7 calls attack on shopping mall war crime (NTB)
G7 leaders condemn Monday’s rocket attack on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, calling it a heinous attack and a war crime. The seas

Zelensky calls mall attacks terror (NTB)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj calls Monday’s rocket attack on a shopping mall a terrorist act. The seas

Russia: Attempts to take Crimea could trigger World War III (NTB)
Attempts by a NATO country to invade the Crimean peninsula will be a declaration of war against Russia and could lead to World War III, warns Russia. The seas

Støre hopes for a NATO solution for Sweden and Finland at a summit (VG)
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) is optimistic about NATO membership for Sweden and Finland during the NATO summit in Madrid this week. The seas

The G7 countries promise almost NOK 300 billion to Ukraine (NTB)
The leaders of the G7 countries promise an additional 29.6 billion dollars, around 290 billion kroner, to provide basic services for Ukrainians. The seas

Putin plans to attend the G20 summit (NTB)
Although several member states want to throw Russia out of the G20, the country’s president Vladimir Putin plans to attend the summit in Indonesia in November. The seas

Sweden to Turkey: – No free port for terrorists (NTB)
Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg came with several assurances to Turkey the night before the allies gather for a summit. The seas

China against the West in the struggle for the poor (comment by Kjetil Wiedswang) (Dagens Næringsliv)
Russia is a problem, but China is the big headache. Now the great western countries will compete for the favor of the world poor. The seas

“New evidence” leads to extra hearing on the storming of Congress (NTB)
The committee after the congressional storm convenes a hearing on Tuesday. The contents are not known, but according to a spokesperson it is about “recently obtained evidence”. The seas

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