Normal body temperature is not 37 degrees, but 36.4 –

In the nineteenth century it was calculated that a person who is not sick has a body temperature of 37 degrees. But that is not true (anymore), experts say. In the 1800s, many people had chronic ailments that raised temperatures, such as syphilis.

Now we are on average much healthier and the actual temperature of a healthy person is 36.4 degrees.

“Everyone thinks that the average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. But that is based on very old measurements from the 19th century,” cardiologist Luuk Otterspoor told NOS. “The temperature has been dropping in recent decades. On average, it is now 36.4 degrees.”

you sure have a fever if your body temperature is 38 degrees or higher. But there could certainly be something going on underneath that.

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