Nine Men Brutally Attack A Woman Sparks Public Outrage in China All

TANGSHAN, – Nine people arrested in China after a viral video of the brutal attack by a group of men against women in Tangshan city, according to a police report.

On social media, videos of women being attacked in this restaurant have been flooded with comments from Chinese netizens. Mostly criticize the action violence what happened and rekindled the debate about gender violence of China.

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The incident began when a man in a green jacket put a hand on the back of a woman in a white shirt at a restaurant. The woman then pushed him away.

The man in the green jacket is then seen attacking him leading to an even bigger fight, which involved a group of men who had previously been sitting outside the restaurant.

The woman in the white shirt was then dragged out of the restaurant, and continued to be attacked by several men even though she was lying on the floor.

Another woman who was trying to help outside the restaurant was pushed to the floor.

A group of men were also seen attacking a female colleague dressed in black, who was the first female diner to be attacked.

Two of the women were hospitalized and are in “Stable condition and not in life-threatening dangerWhile two others suffered minor injuries, according to officials as reported by BBC on Saturday (11/6/2022).

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Police in Tangshan, in northern Hebei province, said they had arrested nine people on suspicion of violent assault and “provoking trouble”.

State television called for the suspects to be severely punished.

The video quickly went viral on the Chinese internet and renewed the debate about sexual harassment and gender-based violence in a country where conversations around human rightswomen’s rights has thrived in recent years, despite pressure from a patriarchal society, internet censorship and unequal legal support.

Last year, a man threw hot liquid at Xiao Meili, a well-known Chinese feminist, at a restaurant after he asked her to quit smoking.

Despite being on the receiving end of the violence, Xiao said he was then repeatedly ridiculed on the Chinese internet, where many blamed him for causing trouble.

Internet censors blocked keywords associated with the MeToo movement after a wave of women accused university professors of sexual harassment in 2018.

Activists in China also say domestic violence is still widespread and underreported.

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The latest attacks have shocked China and prompted many to ask why this happened.

“The reason why these men feel they can freely attack women for resisting their harassment is because so many men in the past were not punished by the authorities for doing the same,” said Yaqiu Wang, senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch. reported Guardian.

On social media site Weibo, related hashtags have generated more than half a billion views and tens of thousands of comments as of Saturday (11/6/2022). Many users, especially women, have urged the authorities to crack down on gender-based violence.

“All of this could happen to me, it could happen to all of us,” said one commenter on a post that was liked more than 100,000 times.

“How can this kind of thing still happen in 2022?” write another. “Please give them a criminal sentence, and don’t let any of them get away.”

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A widely shared WeChat post took issue with the initial official framing of the attack, which described the incident as a simple act of violence.

“This is happening in a society where violence against women is rampant,” the anonymous post said.

“Ignoring and suppressing a gender perspective means denying the violence that people – as women – experience.”

China Women’s News, published by the All-China Women’s Federation, said in a commentary on Saturday (11/6/2022) that “there should be no tolerance for cruel cases such as serious violations of women’s rights and interests”.

Earlier this year, a video clip showing a woman with chains and heavy locks around her neck prompted China’s prime minister, Li Keqiang, to vow to crack down on trafficking in women and children.

Last year, a Chinese man was sentenced to death for killing his ex-wife while she was livestreaming it on social media in a case that shocked the nation.

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