Nina Zilli, I positive for covid, infected perhaps at dinner – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 19 – The singer Nina Zilli is added to the long list of VIPs who tested positive for coronavirus. The same artist makes it known in a series of stories on her Instagram profile in which she also tells how she could have become infected, and this is her reconstruction: “Most likely I took him to a dinner. The whole restaurant was without a mask, because when you eat … Here, I advise you not to go to the restaurant, not to stay in crowded closed places. I have quarantined myself, but I advise you to stop social life this and next week. I did everything to not take it , I swear to you.

Yet it is beyond our control. “

In another post he writes: “Today I’m #cleopatra, ???????? you always need a bit of self-irony and coolness induced by an app, when luck is blind and bad luck sees very well. I put myself in my” sarcophagus “and wait for it. next reincarnation “.

Nina Zilli also tries to play down on Instagram the news of her positivity to Covid-19: “I have Covid. In the last 5 days: 2 negative swabs, 1 negative serological. And after an hour of negative serological … I got a fever “, already in isolation, he told his followers that he had done everything to avoid contagion, and that he had undergone several times a swab and serological examination (always paid out of his own pocket, doubling the analyzes on the occasion of his hosted on TV ): “I was clearly doing it to protect my family, even before me. Know that it didn’t work.”




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