NG Slot and Best YouTube’s Casino Gambling Superstars

The gaming industry is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the possibility of being broadcast on different streaming services and channels. In this article, we will tell you about the most successful video poker YouTube channels, and one of the biggest stars in the world of slot gambling. Narek Gharibuan, the YouTube slots channel owner, is the most followed social media gambling apostle. 

This online gaming superstar has over 300 thousand subscribers, 78 million total, and 890 thousand views on the most popular videos. However, there are many other YouTube stars among gamblers. Let’s check them out below.

Who Is NG Slots?

Narek Gharibuan, or NG Slots, is a YouTube celebrity among gamblers. You could guess that the NG slot YouTube name came from the author’s real name. Narek is a 34 years old family man with a full-day job.

Gambling and blogging are more likely his hobbies. His first video was uploaded on YouTube instead of Twitch, as most gaming streamers prefer. However, it was his name that became one of the loudest in the casino community. What was the key to his success?

Real Life

NG Slot was born on the 3rd of November in 1988. We must point out that his nationality is Armenian, but not long ago, in 2015, he moved and became a resident of the USA. He currently lives in Sin City, California, with a wife and three children.

As we have already mentioned, blogging and gaming are just hobbies for NG Slot. His real passion and career is his business. This 34-year-old is the owner of jewelry shops in the US and Russia.

Streaming Superstar

NG Slot filmed and uploaded the first video in 2017. It was simply a 3-minute videotape without any bright reactions, only wins. However, he gradually earned a few followers.

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And three years later, he got a Silver YouTube Button for the first 100,000 subscribers. Now, he is watched by over hundreds of thousands of people who are fascinated with him.

Why Watch NG Slots Live Streams?

Narek is a very charming and magnificent guy. After 6-years of blogging and streaming experience, he started posting interesting videos with nice comments and energetic reactions to big earnings. It’s a pleasure to watch him because he gets jackpot after jackpot!

NG Slot updates his channel daily and releases at least one video with new winnings. Interestingly, he has never told his viewers about his biggest losses or earnings. According to videos, the public assumes his earnings were over $1.2 million per month last year. And that is not counting his business and video wages.

Even though NG is a real superstar, his video updates don’t have a schedule. However, there is data that NG Slot is streaming on YouTube as well as on Facebook. So, you can follow both accounts to be aware.

Favorite Casinos

Narek has never mentioned his favorite casinos. According to live play and videos, we know that he is traveling from one casino to another. However, he celebrated his 34th birthday in the Cosmopolitan casino last year. Consequently, we may assume that this facility is the most adored by him.

There is no common knowledge about his favorite land-based or online casinos, but it is universal, that a player should look for the best casinos among the reviews. If you are looking for fantastic gameplay and security, check out the fast withdrawal casinos NZ platform. Besides the above mentioned things they provide their users with a possibility of an instant payout, which is one of the most loved features by all gamblers.  

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Slots He Prefers To Play

Watching NG Slot videos, you will observe a myriad of slots played by him. We should also admit that NG Slot isn’t a supporter of the various games with casino dealer at least, he doesn’t show it in his streams.

However, the most frequently chosen slots by this star are:

  • The Rising Fortunes.
  • The 5 Treasures.
  • The Mighty Cash.
  • Buffalo Deluxe.

Such items are the most frequently met in his videos.

Other Slot YouTubers To Watch

Surely, there couldn’t be anyone better than NG Slot star, however, there are also some other interesting streamers. With them, you are ready to go into the deep gambling world absolutely free. Videos with nice graphics, pleasant music, useful comments, and tips are offered by YouTube bloggers below.


VegasLowRoller, or just Daniel, is a slot YouTube superstar. The sum of his total earnings is around a million dollars. He created his YouTube channel on the 13th of October in 2011. He now has over 175,000 followers worldwide, over 120 million total views, and about 2,100 videos uploaded to his channel.

We should also mention that VegasLowRoller video releases are regular. He uploads one video every day. His shared experience is fantastic and enthusiastic, you should definitely follow him and enjoy the low-limit slot rollers.


The SlotQueen, or Daniel Aragon, isn’t just a star of online gaming. She positions herself as a mother and wife of slots. She regularly plays slots and releases new videos seven days a week. Unlike VegasLowRoller and NG, she does not comment on her videos with any predictions or useful comments and does not take risks, as usual.

Watching her is like visiting a casino with your best friend. Just a chilling and cozy atmosphere and any buzz to win or lose, all the money in the world.

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She has around 50 thousand subscribers on the channel. Sometimes, watching her videos, you may observe her play with her husband. The SlotHubby videos are also available. So, we recommend you to watch this gaming family.

If you are one of those players who are interested in trying out the tips from the professional gamblers, reading the reviews at $1 casino deposit online casinos might be a great way to find a suitable site to play. There is a chance to find a trustworthy, reliable entity, and the biggest benefit is a low-risk gambling. Their minimum deposit will not make you feel sorry if you lose.

Lady Luck HQ

The final YouTube channel to share is Lady Luck HQ. Francine Maric and her husband Miran are very risky and play various high-limit slots. We should also mention that Francine Maric is the first female who has got a massive audience of 155 thousand subscribers worldwide. Follow them on Instagram and YouTube to keep up to date with all the news and watch their daily videos.

Bottom Line

So, you are already at the finish of this article. Here we revealed the star of the gaming community – NG Slot, or just Narek Gharibuan, who is a US immigrant from Armenia. We discussed that in 2017, he opened his channel on YouTube and became a real star after three years.

We also mentioned NG’s favorite slots and some other decent YouTube streamers like the VegasLowRoller and Slot Queen. We recommend you pay attention to these gamblers, as they share a lot of interesting insights into the gamblinmg world.

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