New Zealand PM cancels wedding title as Omicron expands all

NEW ZEALAND, – Prime Minister (PM) New Zealand Jacinda Arden chose to cancel her wedding as her country has imposed new restrictions in an effort to slow the spread Covid-19 varian Omicron.

New Zealand has imposed a mask rule and restricted gatherings from this Sunday (23/1/2022).

The policy was taken after the government found an increase in Covid-19 cases.

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This includes the finding of nine cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in a community that had just attended a recent wedding.

A family is understood to have returned to Nelson on the South Island by plane after attending weddings and other events in Auckland on the North Island.

The family and a flight attendant tested positive for Covid-19.

New Zealand will move to a “red arrangement” under the Covid-19 protection framework, emphasizing that citizens wear masks more often.

Indoor hospitality arrangements such as bars, restaurants and events such as weddings will also be limited to 100 people.

The guest limit will be lowered to 25 people if the venue does not use a vaccine ticket.

“My wedding is not going to take place,” Arden told reporters, as reported Reuters, Sunday (23/1/2022).

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He also expressed his regret to other New Zealanders who may be trapped in a similar scenario, namely being forced to postpone marriage due to the implementation of the new Covid-19 restriction policy.

Ardern hasn’t revealed a wedding date yet, but it’s rumored to be close.

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Asked by reporters how she felt about her marriage annulment, Ardern replied, “That’s how life is”.

“I am no different from the thousands of other New Zealanders who may have suffered a far more devastating impact from the Covid-19 pandemic. The saddest moment right now is the inability to be with loved ones because they are terminally ill. It will be far, far away. beyond the sadness I was in,” he added.

New Zealand’s own borders have been closed to foreigners since March 2020.

The government postponed plans for a gradual reopening from mid-January to late February 2022 due to concerns about potential Omicron-like outbreaks in neighboring countries Australia.

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People who can travel to New Zealand with narrow exceptions must apply for residence in a state-run quarantine facility.

The New Zealand government last week stopped issuing new slots amid a surge in the number of people arriving with Omicron.

About 94 per cent of New Zealand’s population over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated and about 56 per cent of those who qualify have had the shot. booster Covid-19 vaccine.

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