New York will allow pharmacies to test for coronavirus: the total number of deaths in the state exceeds 16,000

Emergency Medical Services paramedics transport a patient to New York University Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19 (Reuters)

Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed 437 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Adding these figures to the total balance of yesterday, the state has already registered a total of 16,499 deaths. Cuomo described the growth rate as “flat with a slight decrease” of the death curve, but he couldn’t hide his pain either. “This is terrible, terrible, horrible news,” he lamented.

“We’ve been through hell and it’s not over yet. Yesterday we had 1,100 people who entered the hospital with COVID, which is more than we would like but less than what we have seen in 21 days, “revealed the governor, who added:”Our efforts are working. But we must maintain it if we want the curve to decrease faster. ” “In this crazy reality alone, 1,100 would be relatively good news, right?” Cuomo said in awe of his own words.

Cuaomo, in addition, reported will sign an executive order this Saturday to allow independent pharmacists to perform diagnostic tests for coronavirus. About 20,000 tests are taking place in the state per day, but the goal is to increase the number of tests to 40,000 per day.

It also revealed that they are expanding diagnostic testing criteria so that first responders, frontline healthcare workers and essential workers can be screened. “They are our heroes risking their health to help us overcome this crisis. They deserve priority for testing,” he explained.

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In fact, it revealed that antibody testing for frontline healthcare workers will be performed today at four New York City hospitals: Bellevue Hospital, Elmhurst, Montefiore, Southern New York State Health Sciences Hospital. “Next week we will do antibody tests for transit workers, the NYPD and the state police,” he detailed.

“New Yorkers are saving lives, this is not an exaggeration. I know the last few weeks have not been easy, but the sacrifices New Yorkers are making are not in vain, ”Cuomo insisted.

Meanwhile, the updated balance of the Johns Hopkins University has estimated that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached 906,551, while the deaths are already counted by 52,042.

The university has not yet included “probable deaths” in its tally pending verification by the US authorities, or their direct introduction into official counts.



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