New York supermarket shooting is an ‘act of domestic terrorism’


US President Joe Biden has called the mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, an “act of domestic terrorism”.

“What happened here is very clear: this is terrorism, this is an act of domestic terrorism,” Biden said at a press conference in Buffalo on Tuesday.

Biden’s statements come after he met with the victims’ families earlier in the day on Tuesday.

On Saturday, an 18-year-old man opened fire in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, killing at least ten people, the majority of them African Americans.

For the American authorities, it is a racist killing of a white supremacist. “We are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism,” said Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Stephen Belongia.

*Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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