New York: Police arrest dozens of gang members

According to their own statements, the New York police succeeded in striking two rival street gangs. Dozens of members of the Big Money Bosses and 2Fly YGz gangs were arrested during large-scale raids on Tuesday and Wednesday, as was Manhattan’s prosecutor Preet Bharara announced.

A total of 120 members were charged, among other things, with murder, robbery, drug trafficking and fraud. Bharara spoke of the allegedly largest wave of arrests among gang members “in the history of the city of New York”. Almost 700 officials were on duty, including numerous representatives from federal authorities.

In the video: The big raid in New York

The police themselves published a video about the raids on their Twitter account, among other things. The clip speaks of the “biggest anti-gang operation in the history of the city”.

The two gangs have been fighting a gang war in the north of the Bronx for around a decade. According to Bharara, several bystanders were also killed, including a 92-year-old woman who was fatally hit by a ricochet in her apartment in 2009.

According to New York Police Chief Bill Bratton, the two gangs had “poisoned” the streets of the Bronx with their “open drug deals in front of schools and homes” and other acts of violence.

While the gang 2Fly YGz also appeared across the US, Big Money Bosses operated solely in the Bronx. As the “New York Times“reports, there are different hierarchies internally, so they are called, for example, Burberry Suits, Gucci Suits and Ferragamo Suits. Both gangs mainly used social networks to brag about their successes and to expand their influence.

After the operation, the police said, “The streets of the Bronx and those of all of New York are now safer.”

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