New York: Looking for a professional sleeper –

The New York company Casper is looking for a professional sleeper who will have the task of sleeping on the mattresses that are on sale in its stores to test them.

Required qualities

Among the qualities required by Casper, based in New Yorkare a “exceptional sleep ability” and a capacity “to sleep on anything”. According to alwaysjob offerthe professional sleeper must have “the most frequent sleepiness possible”.

The marque Casper is also looking for a person aged at least 18 who will be asked to post content on social networks to promote the mattresses tested.

Creating TikTok-style content

“In those rare times when you’re not sleeping, you’ll share your experiences with others by creating TikTok-style content to post on social media. Casperalso demanded the company, reports 20 Minutes.

As an application file, the candidate is asked to post a TikTok video through which he is invited to demonstrate his ability to sleep and his passion. “to share and talk about everything that sleeps”. It is also planned that the Casper brand will offer free products to its future employee.

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