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From red / dpa March 03, 2021 – 08:59

A section of the picture that has not been found for decades.

Photo: dpa

It actually didn’t look like anything special, says the woman who had a work of art that had disappeared from the museum hanging in her apartment. This is New York.

From red / dpa

03.03.2021 – 8:59 am

New York – A second painting that had been missing for decades and should have been part of an exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum has turned up in a private apartment across Central Park. A nurse had read about the first case and then examined a picture hanging on the wall of her apartment on the Upper West Side together with her son, said the Peabody Essex Museum in the US state of Massachusetts on Tuesday.

Experts from the Metropolitan Museum, among others, stated: It is one of 30 works by the Afro-American artist Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) from his series “Struggle: From the History of the American People”, which was made during the civil rights movement in the 1950s. . She got the picture from her mother-in-law, said the nurse of the “New York Times”. “To be honest, it didn’t look like it was anything special. I didn’t know I had a masterpiece. “

5 works were lost

The Peabody Essex Museum had organized an exhibition from Lawrence’s series, which had also been shown at the Metropolitan Museum last year – but only with 25 of the 30 works, the other five had been missing for decades. A visitor to the show then discovered one of the missing paintings in her neighbors’ apartment on the Upper West Side – they had acquired the painting for a small sum at a local charity auction in 1960 – and, according to her own statements, were not aware of its art-historical relevance.

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The show should still be on view in Seattle in the spring and in Washington in the summer – then with both rediscovered images. One is full of hope to rediscover the last three missing works in the series, it said from the Peabody Essex Museum.


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