New York introduces city tolls for motorists

New York is the first metropolis in the USA to introduce a vehicle toll. In its budget, New York State decided to set up an electronic submission system for the southern part of Manhattan. That reported the “New York Times“.

How much a trip in the southern part of Manhattan will cost and when the toll will be introduced has not yet been determined. According to the newspaper, the introduction of the toll is not expected before 2021. A drive between 60th Street south of Central Park and Battery Park on the lower tip of the island could then be to the Peak times cost more than 10 US dollars (equivalent to 8.90 euros). For trucks around 25 dollars should be due.

Income flows into public transport

Anyone who has previously used one of the toll tunnels or the Henry Hudson Bridge should, however, receive a discount on the city toll. Possible exceptions, for example for the disabled or people who drive to the doctor, are still being discussed.

The money raised should flow into local and regional public transport. 80 percent go to the city’s subway and bus network. The Long Island and Metro North Railroad are to receive ten percent each. It was also decided to invest millions in the city’s subway system, as well as a tax on the sale of luxury apartments and a ban on plastic bags in retail.

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