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The city of New York destroyed a good 900 confiscated motorcycles, scooters and quads with a bulldozer, which attracted media attention.

The number 900 is possibly startling and the manner in which the confiscated motorcycles were finally taken out of service is disturbing. But this action by the city of New York with the bulldozer shows only a fraction of the vehicles already confiscated in 2022. Since January 2022, the New York City Police Department has seized over 2,000 motorcycles, scooters and quads. Gixxer fan Mario from the editorial team was shocked when he saw the bulldozer, as he spotted a white and blue 1000 in the background and the desire to rush to the rescue flashed through him.

Over 2,000 confiscated

The figure of 2,000 in the first half of the year and the speech by New York Mayor Eric Adams point to a tightening of motorcycle controls, as the number of motorcycles seized is 80 percent higher than last year. It is not entirely clear why the police confiscate the vehicles, but there is talk of illegal motorcycles across the media.

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The city of New York destroys 900 confiscated illegal motorcycles with a bulldozer. In total, by June 2022, the police had confiscated over 2,000 motorcycles, scooters and quads.

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