New York and social inequalities | Rights and Freedoms | DW

Lucerne is full. But the current occupants of the rooms at this 4-star hotel on New York’s Upper West Side are a little out of the ordinary.

“We are not here by choice”, explains Angel. He’s wearing ripped jeans, an open shirt… he doesn’t quite have the usual look of people walking up and down the hotel’s white marble stairs.
Another man, Michael, picks up Angel and launches “It’s still better than sleeping outside “...

Michael is in his 40s. And he knows what he’s talking about when he mentions nights out: he’s a regular on the streets. He often queued to get a place in a reception center for homeless people. At least, before corona because since then, the shelters for tramps have been closed by the municipality which has decided to house the homeless in hotels deserted due to the pandemic.

Rights and Freedoms is a program prepared, presented and produced by Sandrine Blanchard.

Thank you this week to Karin Senz.


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