New York – also a role model for the USA during Corona?

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With the arrival of the “Comfort”, New York seemed to have finally lost the fight against the coronavirus. From the end of March, the hospital ship should ensure that the number of corona deaths (at the top 800 deaths per day) returns to a low level and that the hospitals are generally relieved. The “Comfort” lay in New York Harbor for a total of four weeks. However, only 182 patients were treated during this time. All without symptoms.

In the months it has become more and more quiet in and around New York. Almost eerily silent. Where once dreams knew no boundaries, where life pulsed, an unprecedented calm and slowness returned.

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Many have long been asking: is the time of the metropolis over or can it come back? Almost 60 million tourists visited New York in 2019. The number fell so sharply this year that even the tourism authority had to release most of its employees. Many residents either want to stay longer in their holiday homes or have moved away completely. There is not much left of the once lively life in the city that never sleeps.

But let’s be honest: New York City wouldn’t be New York City if it couldn’t defy even the worst of the crisis. If it doesn’t come back in the end even stronger than some people think it is possible.

Our USA correspondent Sebastian Moll lives in New York and has seen the city and the major changes in the pandemic up close. He writes: “For those of us who have not fled the city, the discussion about the supposed death of New York sounds strange. We have a summer behind us that was a lot – unusual, sometimes frightening, sometimes beguiling, sometimes loud, sometimes melancholy, sometimes enchanting.

What is happening in New York right now could even be representative of the whole of the USA, our author thinks. First of all, however, the focus is on November 3rd.

Then it is: Trump or Biden. Before the election as US president, our South American correspondent Klaus Ehringfeld takes a look at Brazil, Argentina and Mexico and which presidents the three countries are hoping for. Brazil and Trumpesque President Jair Bolsonaro would certainly have no problem with re-election, in Argentina and Mexico people are much more skeptical, even if there are not only opponents of Donald Trump in these two countries.

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Please stay at home, wherever possible, at your place of residence.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, in their appeal to the citizens

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On Thursday, the Robert Koch Institute classified 15 countries in Europe as risk areas. New regions in Poland, Italy and Finland were added. But only since Saturday, October 17, has a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office applied to these countries, which is now evaluating the corona situation in the countries using a traffic light system. An overview of the countries for which a travel warning now applies worldwide, collected Maike Geißler from the reisereporter.

Home office instead of the office, shorter working days or the four-day week: The corona pandemic could cause a rethink in the world of work. Stefanie Hornung, author of the book “New Work, New Pay”, believes that too. In the RND interview, she talks about how the same salary can create new incentives and equity for everyone.

FC Schalke 04 has no money, has not won in 19 games – and has already changed coach. Much more crisis is not possible. Nevertheless, the “miners” have not given up hope of a revival after the international break. The next opportunity will come at the end of the fourth Bundesliga matchday on Saturday evening at 6 p.m. against 1. FC Union Berlin. New coach Manuel Baum has taken some measures to as discussed in the Sportbuzzer article “The search for self-confidence”.

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The “Wish” phenomenon: How a shopping platform became a meme

At Wish you can buy the most curious products, and at a bargain price. But consumer advice centers warn. © RND

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The lateral thinking initiative wants to demonstrate against the Corona requirements on Sunday in Dortmund. The police said that up to 3000 participants were registered for a rally (2 p.m.) and a subsequent demonstration through the city center. Last week, the city passed the critical mark of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week.

An unusual edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair comes to an end on Sunday. Due to the corona pandemic, the international industry meeting took place almost exclusively on the Internet. From the outset, the program for the trade visitors was only planned in the form of digital conferences. The hall exhibition and public days were canceled in September. The organizers want to take stock of the 72nd edition of the book fair on Sunday. By Friday, 148,000 users from 183 countries had used the digital offers.

Regardless of the threat of violence by the authorities in Belarus, the opposition is calling for new mass protests on Sunday (1 p.m. CEST). In the capital Minsk and other cities there should be a large “partisan march”, the call says. “This is a march of people who are not ready to endure violence and arbitrariness.” The people were not intimidated. The demonstrations on Sundays are traditionally the most popular.

Who is important today

The Peace Prize has been awarded since 1950 and is endowed with 25,000 euros. The award ceremony will take place in the Paulskirche and will be broadcast live on television. The winner will be connected via video from the USA. The laudatory speech was originally intended to be given by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Because of his corona quarantine, the speech will now be read out by actor Burghart Klaußner. © Quelle: Anindito Mukherjee / EPA / dpa

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