New Year’s Eve limited “Terror Tunnel: Last Light” GOG is free for a limited time, and will be stored forever after receiving it | 4Gamers

The FPS game “Metro: Last Light Redux” (Metro: Last Light Redux) developed by 4AGames Studio is currently available on the GOG platform for a limited time. As long as you log in to the platform account to receive the game, you can save it forever and download the game at any time .

“Terror Tunnel: Last Light” is a first-person shooter game, the sequel to the “Terror Tunnel” series, describing the story of Artyom successfully destroying the Dark Ones base a year later. The Redox version is a remake based on the 2013 version of the game. In addition to the game itself, it also contains all the DLC content.


GOG “Terror Tunnel: Last Dawn Redux” is open for free for a limited time until 9pm Taiwan time on January 1, 2021. Players in need can directlyGo to GOG official website to receiveThat’s it.

Of course, if you still mind the previous dispute over the cancellation of “Wish” on the GOG platform, the Steam version is also on sale at less than NT$100 for your reference.

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