new possible scams from call centers are on the way, it is essential to learn to defend yourself

The free market in bills could hide some insidious traps. Here’s how to get prepared.

A January 2024 domestic consumers and micro enterprises will be involved in the transition to the free market for electricity and gas bills. From that date, therefore, there will be the end of the price protection.

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In the event that the Italian families do not provide within the established term, there will be assignment to the service with gradual protection. In this way, it will be possible to continue using the electricity supply. Before January 2024, however, there is no obligation of any kind. However, numerous reports of harassing phone calls from call centers. The objective, in fact, is to convince users to change operators, through the threat of interruption of supplies.

Bills: beware of suspicious phone calls!

The phone calls received in recent days by many families are, unfortunately, of the scams. The intimidations, in fact, are not founded; even if, by January 2024, the operator has not yet been chosen, the gradual protection service.

Domestic customers, therefore, will be able to choose a new offer carefully and without haste, without risking having to deal with the interruption of the electricity and gas supply. Users, in fact, can independently choose, among the various offers of the free market, the one they consider most satisfactory and suitable for their needs. Only later will they have to stipulate a new supply contract.

It is then up to the new seller to send the request for termination of the old contract. The user can choose the supplier of the free market at any time, without paying any additional costs and, as already pointed out above, without interrupting the old supply.

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How to choose the most suitable offer

To orient yourself in the choice of new managerusers can count on the help of the tools made available by theAuthority for Energy, Networks and the Environment. In fact, it is possible to consult the Offers Portalthrough which you can compare all available offers on the market for the supply of electricity and gas in a specific geographical area.

Furthermore, for each visible offer, the Portal specifies the main aspects and makes a calculation of annual expenditurebased on the consumption indicated by the user or on the estimates made by the system.

Membership of buying groups: what is it?

The consumer has an additional tool at his disposal if he intends to save on his bill by changing supplier. This is themembership of a buying group, usable by domestic customers and small businesses. The purpose of these groups is to guarantee assistance to users. How? Selecting one or more operators for the supply of electricity or gas to customers registered in the group.

There is an “organizer” who promotes periodic or permanent campaigns, through which users can get to know the group and join it. After identifying the most convenient commercial offers, the buying group presents them to its members, who can choose to sign the supply contract with the seller, under the conditions indicated.

The Consumer Portal: a very advantageous tool for bills

There is, however, another tool available to citizens, which allows them to choose the best rate. In fact, it is possible to discover one’s consumption, to actually understand how much one could spend in a longer period of time.

For this purpose, therefore, from 1 July 2019 it is possible to access the Consumer Portal of the Authority for Energy and the Environmenttyping the address It is a tool thanks to which users can check all the consumptions recorded by the electricity and gas bills.

On the site (introduced by the 2018 Budget Law), therefore, you can check your historical consumption data for both supplies. To enter the Portal you must have the credentials of the Spid (the public digital identity system).

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