New features offered by Android 12 to users .. know them

The Android system, in its latest version, carried many new and practical advantages for users, but expectations indicate that the Android versions that will be released next year will carry with them major changes, and according to the leaks, Google is currently working on developing technologies that will make Android 12 More practical and useful for users and developers of programs and applications alike, the expected versions of Android will simplify the process of downloading programs from online stores other than Google Store.

According to RT, the available information indicates that Google decided to take such steps after the campaign that it was exposed to by a studio Epic Games Electronic games development specialist, who claimed that Google’s policy imposes restrictions on developers to force them to pay commissions for them.

Some websites also indicated that the expected versions of Android next year will come with new user interfaces, shortcuts and icons that facilitate the process of using applications without the need to enter the application records in the internal menus of the operating system.

He is supposed to come Android 12 With technologies that speed up the interaction of smart devices with the fifth generation cellular networks, as well as techniques that improve the performance of phone cameras, improve the response of devices to pictures and video files, and increase the screen resolution.


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