New evidence of Brazil’s involvement in the fall of Allende

Washington DC / Brasília / Santiago de Chile. A publication by the National Security Archive (NSA), an association of investigative journalists and scientists based in Washington, has implications for Brazil in the 1973 coup d’état of Augusto Pinochet in Chile approved. The recently declassified documents occupyhow Brazil, under the military governments of Emílio Garrastazu Médici (1969-1974) and Ernesto Geisel (1974-1979), worked with right-wing forces in the region to overthrow Allende’s socialist government.

The archive provides access to twelve historical documents. This pass from plans for the infiltration of Chile by the Brazilian military and the support of right-wing Chilean military and paramilitary groups, such as the fascist group Patria y Libertad, to notes on meetings of high-ranking government officials, on which strategies on financial and diplomatic matters support of the Pinochet regime was advised.

Part of the corpus are evidence of a secret To meet in August 1973 at the “El Bosque” air force base near Santiago de Chile. The military from both countries are said to have planned the coup and analyzed the means used in the 1964 coup against left-wing President João Belchior Marques Goulart in Brazil.

In addition to concrete plans to overthrow Allende, the documents also demonstrate Brazil’s role in the establishment of Pinochet’s surveillance and repression apparatus and direct involvement in the repression. For example, a secret mission by the Brazilian secret service (Serviço Nacional de Informações, SNI) will be one month after the coup in Chile described. Under the direction of Colonel Sebastião Ramos de Castro, “Brazilian police in plain clothes” took part in interrogations of prisoners at the national stage, which after 1973 became a prison camp and center for torture and executions.

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The documents occupy also the state terrorist cooperation of Brazil with other Latin American secret police and the USA against left governments in the course of “Operation Condor”.

A secret memorandum from a meeting between US President Richard Nixon and Médici in December 1971 reveals their discussion of regime change. In the document published back in 2009 explained Nixon expressed his intention to “cooperate closely with Brazil” against Allende and other left governments, “because there are many things Brazil can do in South America that the US cannot do there”.

According to the staff of the archives in Washington, the release of the documents could help to understand the depth and nature of the worldwide cooperation of the anti-communist governments and to bring them into the light of public discussion move.

In a book “Brazil Against Democracy” (O Brasil Contra A Democracia) recently published by the Brazilian journalist Roberto Simon, the geopolitical interests of the military regime in Brasília during the “dirty war” become clear. The country was more than just the “puppet of Washington” in the fight against communism in Latin America, said Simon. Rather, it cooperated with the Nixon government in order to enforce “its own strategic, ideological, economic and other interests in an intervention in Chile”. According to Simon, the geographic proximity and the large number of Brazilian exiles in Chile made developments in Chile potentially more dangerous by Brazil’s military governments rated than the communist government in Cuba.


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