New Covid-19 Cases Added to 5,823, Almost One-third Donated by Central Java

positive case Covid-19 on Sunday (6/6) rose 5,823 to 1,856,038. Active cases have continued to climb since the last few days and have now reached 98,455 people. Most of the additional active cases were contributed by the Central Java region,

Based on data from the Covid-19 Task Force, the number of active cases increased by 1,482 people. A total of 4,187 people managed to recover from Covid-19, bringing the total number of patients recovered to 1,705,971, while 163 people did not survive, bringing the total death toll to 51,612.

Additional cases today were obtained from the examination of 49,420 people and 64,223 specimens. A total of 27.07 people and 37,536 people were examined using PCR tests, while 22,193 people and 26,587 people were examined by antigen tests.

In total, there have been 11.58 million people and 17.23 million specimens examined since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Indonesia. A total of 9.65 million people and 14.9 million specimens were examined by PCR, while 2.02 million people and 2.33 million were.

Central Java contributed the most new cases, reaching 1,712, bringing the total confirmed cases to date to 209,305. Additional patients recovered today reached 890 people, while the death toll increased by 42 people. Active cases increased by 780 to 10,297 people.

The increase in cases in Central Java was contributed by the surge in cases in Kudus. The number of active cases in the region is currently recorded at the highest at 1,678 people, four times as many other districts/cities.

The government has taken steps to address the spike in Covid-19 in Kudus, Central Java. Not only that, the police and the Indonesian National Army also intervened to prevent transmission in the area. Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin even immediately went to Kudus on Saturday (5/6) and inspected the condition of the local hospital.

He specifically asked the Indonesian Doctors Association to send doctors to Kudus. As a result, 38 doctors and 70 nurses will be sent to the location. In addition, the government sent 50 thousand antigens to the Kudus Regency to spur testing and tracing. The Ministry of Health also sent a PCR test car from Yogyakarta. “If you are positive, don’t isolate at home or in the hospital. Prepare a centralized isolation place so it doesn’t spread,” Budi said in Kudus, Saturday (5/6) quoted from Among.

Additional significant new cases are still occurring in DKI Jakarta and West Java. Jakarta recorded additional cases reaching 1,019 to 435,135 people. A total of 864 people recovered and 15 people died so that the active cases increased by 140 to a total of 11,516 people.

Meanwhile, the most active cases were recorded in West Java, reaching 19,725 people, an increase of 275 compared to yesterday. Additional confirmed cases reached 993 people bringing the total cases to 318,892.

The number of recovered patients in the area led by Ridwal Kamil has increased by 702, while the number of dead has increased. Active cases in the area led by Ridwan Kamil increased by 275 to

The task force also noted that 17.64 million people had received the first dose of vaccine, an increase of 62,139 people compared to yesterday. While the second vaccination has received 11.126 million people, an increase of 5,288.

Vaccination does not guarantee 100% of the recipients are immune to Covid-19. The government continues to urge the public to remain disciplined in carrying out health protocols even though they have been vaccinated. Prokes discipline at least includes the 3M movement, namely using masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance.



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