New content and workshops in the Olimpo Cultura Season

Merida Yucatan; April 7, 2021. Culture, art and identity are elements that identify Mérida, hence the Olimpo Cultura Season maintains content that energizes the cultural offer for Merida and its visitors throughout the year.

This week different disciplines can be enjoyed with the family. The events are held in person at the Olimpo Cultural Center, with controlled capacity and healthy distance and health protocols as dictated by the authorities for care in these times, or they can be followed in a live broadcast in a closed group on a digital platform.

Some events carry collaboration fees, which are full for the artists, and accesses are requested on the site

This Wednesday 7, Carmen Maldonado brings an art show with scenic content that exposes how art can be found in simple and everyday things to generate curiosity in the viewer and new forms of interpretation. The theatrical proposal for percussions begins at 7:30 p.m. and is titled “Metamorphosis”.

The next day, chamber music with the Yucatán Quartet, which will have its last concerts dedicated to Beethoven, in which Christopher Collins, Timothy Myall, Nikolay Dimitrov and Nadezca Golubeba, perform string quartets written by the German composer to sensitize the public to this music. Starts at 7:30 p.m.

On Friday the 9th the Calle 59 Dixie Band will celebrate its third anniversary with iconic jazz songs in the style of blues, ragtime and much more, accompanied by original proposals of the same genre and movie themes. The ensemble is made up of Bernardo Oramas, David Figueroa, Reyna Garrido, Rodrigo Barrero, Ricardo Silveira and Elmer Ic and the concert is aimed at the whole family to be enjoyed starting at 7 at night.

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The Lyric Quartet joins with a didactic chamber music concert with works by Mozart, Tchaikovxsky, Morricone, John J. Williams and the Beatles, which will take to the Cultural Center of the South, with free and controlled access, on Sunday 11 at 18 : 00 hours. It will be in charge of the musicians Yana Akopova, Marlene Pacheco, Jaroslav Meluzin and Natalia Melikhova with violins, viola and violencello.

The cinema is also part of the options, so the Olimpo Cultural Center prepares for the weekend the Trilogy “The Thousand and One Nights” by the Portuguese Miguel Gomes, with performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 5 am late.

At the Centro Cultural del Sur, a week of action and the different multi-facets of actor Will Smith will be enjoyed, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Some of the tapes are “Bright”, “Unexpected Beauty”, “Men in Black 3” and “Aladdin”.
For both cycles, entry is free, with controlled gauges, health and safe distance protocols and it is necessary to wear a mask at all times.


Artistic training is also part of the contents of the Olympus season.

“Sentipensar enpiral” with the Miranfú company is a workshop aimed at children from 8 years old in which each participant writes a calligram on the concept of “thinking with the heart and feeling with the head” based on reflections when listening to a song original and performed live, in which the story of a snail is told. Daniela Romero, Rodrigo del Río and Zandra Pruneda participate in the activity, which takes place this Sunday the 11th at 11 am. The reports are requested to the email [email protected]

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The Collective Basement will present the results of the laboratory of collaborative practices of the scene, which is constituted as an emergency space to put into crisis the idea built institutionally as Mérida city of peace. They start on Monday 12 and the details to access are received at [email protected]

Another workshop is “The Expanded Body”, which will be offered on the 24th by the artist and dancer Paula González Rencoret, aimed at people interested in body work through various techniques developed in the process of creating a creative work. Registration is free, with no age, gender and limited space limit.

For all workshops it is necessary to send requests and questions about other contents of the season can also be directed to the email [email protected]

The visual arts are also part of the cultural offer. In the three rooms of the Olimpo Cultural Center the collection “Fernando Castro Pacheco. Intimacy and poetics of Yucatecan realism ”, with more than 80 works that reflect the vast trajectory, creativity and feelings of one of the great artists of all time.

In the Museum of the City of Mérida there is abstract art in “9 del 2020. Recent work by Gabriel Ramírez Aznar”. Also enjoy the last week of the collective “Visiones 2020”, by Jaime Barrera, Ariel Guzmán, Víctor Argáez, José Luis Couoh and Celina Fernández.

Among the traditional events of the city, this weekend you can attend the videmappings “Sacred Stones” (Friday) and “Dialogues of the Conqueror” (Saturday) on the facades of the Cathedral of Mérida and the Casa de Montejo). Both start at 8:00 p.m.

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For those who stay at home, the Artistic Caravans have planned tours of police stations in the city. On Friday 9, by Chichí Suárez and Sitpach, and on Saturday 10 by Cholul, Tixcuytun, Temozón Norte and Chablekal, starting at 6 in the afternoon, with different local artists to enjoy moments of fun safely at the doors of the homes.

In this way, the Olimpo Season consolidates Mérida as a cultural capital.

In you can consult more details of all the events.

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