‘Nets’ give in to Irving’s question – the unvaccinated defender will take part in the away games

National Basketball Associations (NBA) Club Brooklyn “Nets“However, it will include the unvaccinated star Cairo Irving in his team, who will take part in the away games, reports ESPN journalist Eidrien Vojnarovsky.

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Game manager Kairijs rvings This season has not helped the Brooklyn “Nets” team, which decided before the season that the basketball player will not be part of the team until he complies with New York vaccination regulations. NBA management does not require players to be vaccinated, but it is in San Francisco and New York. Unvaccinated players can’t go away to Toronto either “Raptors“commands.

However, various developments during the season – injuries to Brooklyn players, inaccessible basketball players due to the Covid-19 protocol and heavy minute workload for its superstars – have prompted the Nets team to attract Irving as a “part-time player outside New York,” Wojnarovsky wrote.

The idea was fully supported by the club owner Joseph Cay, general manager Sean Marx, head coach Steve Nash and unit key players. Irving himself wants to return to take part in the away games and can resume training at the club base, the media reports.

The basketball player has so far been reluctant to fulfill New York’s vaccination mandates. People currently need at least one dose of the vaccine to visit places like the Nets home arena, the Barclays Center. By December 27, all members of the private sector will already need two Pfizer orModernvaccine doses or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

It is reported that the Brooklyn Club was addressed by several teams, which interested in the possibilities of acquiring Irving in an exchange transaction. Among them was Dallas “Mavericks“team management in talks with The name of Kristaps Porziņģis has been heard in the “Nets” club.

Brooklyn’s “Nets” team, with 21 wins in 29 games, takes first place in the Eastern Conference. Currently, seven players cannot help it due to the Covid-19 protocol. In turn, the team leader Kevins Durants for the first time since 2013/2014. in the game of the season 37.0 minutes on average in the game, during which stood out with 29.7 points. This has put him at the top of the NBA’s top scores.

The Nets team with its starry trio (Kevin Durant, James Harden, Cairy Irving) before the season and information about Irving ‘s decision were probably the league’ s main favorites.

Last season, the Nets conceded to the future champions Milwaukee Bucks without injuring in the final of the Harden and Irving Conference.

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