Netizens broke the news that Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng involved in plagiarizing works are still on sale and even price increases due to collection value-Viewpoint · Observation-cnBeta.COM

A while ago, Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng apologized for plagiarism on Weibo, which caused social concern. Recently, some netizens discovered that Guo Jingming and Yu Zhengsi had plagiarized the books “How Much Do You Know About Flowers in Dreams” and “Liancheng Palace” are still sold on many e-commerce platforms. As early as May 2006, the Beijing Higher People’s Court found that Guo Jingming’s novel “How much do you know about flowers in a dream” was plagiarism, and in addition to a public apology and compensation for Zhuang Yu’s economic losses, it also stopped selling How much” will be executed within 15 days.


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According to Sina Entertainment news, the staff of “Mengli” Publishing House responded that because the copyright of the book has expired, the publishing house has stopped publishing and selling and has no right to request the e-commerce platform to be removed. The publisher has emptied the book inventory, and the books currently sold on the Internet are not published by the current publisher.

Ironically, some stores claim that because “Mengli” is an “out-of-print book”, and the publisher is no longer publishing it, and the publication time is relatively long, “the collection cost is relatively high, so the price is higher than the publication price at the time.”

“Gongsuo” Publishing House responded: “The incident is under investigation. The publication and distribution of the book is carried out by other agency companies. This book has been removed from our company. The online shopping platform is handled by some bookstores or pirated copies. Books are not in our control.”

Wang Hui, a lawyer at Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that the platform should immediately remove the book and stop selling, so that the damage will be zero. “Infringing works should not harm others, including the act of selling on the platform.”


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