Neighbors’ Loud Music and Wood Chopping Cause Harassment Complaints from Entire Sofia Block

Constant noise, loud music, even sounds of chopping wood – these are some of the complaints of the residents of a block in the capital’s “Obelya” district.

According to them, the harassment has been going on for 15 years and comes from people living in council housing. Reports have been made to both the police and the municipality.

They say they can hear wood splitting even at 02:00 in the night.

“We wrote 4 complaints. We made a signature,” the victim told “Hello, Bulgaria”.

Another neighbor also said that there are frequent parties, with loud music and shouting.

The house manager of the block explained that he talks to this family all the time. They agreed, but the harassment still continued.

Neighbors also say that they called on the family who harassed them to participate in the live broadcast of “Hello, Bulgaria”, but they did not show up.

The police told NOVA that there were more than 10 reports and they were passed on to the municipality.

“There are many signals. We correspond with the Condominium. The responses from the police do not confirm the reports, they say that no patrol cars were sent and no violations were detected,” said Stefania Matarova, deputy mayor of the Vrabnitsa region. “If we start a procedure to terminate the employment relationship, the only reason is violation of good morals. This is a dynamic category that has no concrete definition. The other line to follow is the Condominium Management Act, which gives it the right to self-manage. Every owner, user and inhabitant can be evicted from the apartment based on a decision of the Condominium, but not for longer than 3 years”, said Matarova.

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