NBA title or Gold medal with the Blues? Vincent Poirier chose

Vincent Poirier was able to experience the NBA by joining the Boston Celtics this season. He didn’t necessarily have much of an opportunity to play – 22 regular season games, 2 minutes in the playoffs – but he was lucky to go far with the Boston Celtics. Until the Eastern Conference finals. Staying in Massachusetts, the interior tricolor would put itself in position to eventually land a ring in the years to come. Moreover, between an NBA title and a Gold medal at the Olympic Games, what would be his choice? A question asked by our colleagues from Konbini.

“I take the Olympic title. French Olympic champions are rare. If I am one of the 12 players who win gold at the Olympics, I will be a legend. “

The French NBA champions are not legion either. They are five in all and for everything until today: Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Rodrigue Beaubois, Ian Mahinmi, Ronny Turiaf. But we understand Vincent Poirier’s point of view. An Olympic title, it marks more on the scale of the country. Obviously that’s all we want him to. The problem is that with the NBA season which continues to be shifted, it is possible that Poirier will not be available at the time of the Tokyo Olympics next year. Especially if the Celtics once again go far in the playoffs …

The NBA is already over for Vincent Poirier?

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