NBA: Adult website offers Irving a lifetime subscription if he gets vaccinated

KYrie Irving is the great anti-vaccine star of the NBA. The League does not require players to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the Nets point guard is reluctant to do so. It seems that Kevin Durant tries to convince him not to affect the team, since he will not be able to play the games at home, since New York has decreed that to enter closed enclosures with a large influx of public the complete schedule is required.

In that context, Irving has received a proposal to get vaccinated. It comes from the adult website Stripchat, which offers you a lifetime subscription if you get your COVID-19 doses. The vice president of the company, Max Bennett has written a letter that circulates on social networks.

First, he refers to the money that the player will lose by not participating in home games: “We have seen in the headlines that it is possible that you will lose 400,000 dollars for each home game if you do not get vaccinated against COVID-19. It will be a shame to lose tens of millions of dollars and it will be disappointing for all the NBA fans who love to see you play. “

And then comes the offer: “We know that the scientific community and the NBA have been unable to offer you everything you wanted to get vaccinated, but we think we could have something to convince you. If you get vaccinated before the start of the season, we will grant you VIP access to Stripchat for life with a brand new subscription to satisfy any need you may have. With this subscription, you can anonymously spy on performances or send private messages to any model without limits. We will also provide you with a private show with the model of your choice. “

Bennett says goodbye telling Irving to take his time “to consider our offer. We are looking forward to hearing your response and seeing you play this season.” That the base of the Nets ended up being vaccinated by this offer, it would be the perfect culmination for this bizarre case.



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