National marathoner Lee Bong-ju, curved back + wheelchair shock

National marathoner Lee Bong-ju, 50, was saddened by his deteriorating health.

On the 28th of last month, in the trailer for TV Chosun’s current affairs culture program’Star Documentary My Way,’ Lee Bong-ju, the protagonist of next week’s broadcast, was revealed.

In the video, Lee Bong-ju showed a hard walk with a cane with a full back bent or relying on a wheelchair to move.

“Suddenly, since January last year, if I didn’t take medicine, I couldn’t sleep,” he said. “If we know the cause, we can fix it, but the cause doesn’t come out.”

Lee Bong-ju’s mother was hurt by the appearance of her son, and Lee Bong-ju said, “I have a wish. I wish I could run properly,” he added, adding regret.

On the 18th of last month, the figure of Lee Bong-ju (〃 〃 in the middle) was revealed on the Instagram of former baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk (left in the photo above), causing fans to worry.

Later, in an interview with a media outlet, Lee Bong-ju said, “It was also known as a back injury, but it is a disease that causes cramps in the abdominal muscles, not in the back.” He explained, “Because I have a cramp in my stomach, I am not able to straighten my back well.”

In addition, he said, “I am constantly receiving treatment at the hospital for about a year,” and “it is getting better little by little. He added that because the cause is not known, the treatment will be longer.”

Shin Jung-in, online news reporter [email protected]

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Photo = TV Chosun’Star Documentary My Way’ broadcast screen, Yang Junhyung’s Instagram capture

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