NASA Opens Voice About Sunrise from the West

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – NASA opens its voice about the news of the Sun rising from the West. This is based on a post on social media some time ago and said the United States (US) space agency supported the claim.

The post, in Thai and English, says the Sun’s activity is approaching a doomsday event.

The sun rises from the West due to a magnetic reversal. “Earth will rotate in the opposite direction causing the Sun to emerge from the west side. Researchers believe that we are moving towards a magnetic field reversal that will mark the end of mankind and near the end of the world,” the post reads.

But the NASA denied the writing. Bettina Inclan, Associate Administrator for Communications at NASA said it and other organizations never predicted it.

“Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization predicts the Sun will rise from the west,” he explained.

Regarding the magnetic reversal, he confirmed the incident. Magnetic reversals have been linked to having occurred and a number of scientists have studied the phenomenon.

However, according to Bettina, the magnetic reversal did not make the sun rise from the west.

“The magnetic field reversal is indeed a real phenomenon that has happened several times in the past and scientists around the world are studying it, but the statement that this makes the Earth rotate in the opposite direction which causes the Sun to rise from the west is wrong,” said Bettina.

But actually the Sun rising from the West occurs on one of the planets of our solar system. Namely Venus experienced this and the planet’s rotation moved backwards.

Venus itself rotates for 243 days and it takes 225 Earth days to orbit the Sun. With this time, the Sun only appears on the planet twice a year or once in 117 Earth days.

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