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We all know New York in one way or another. How many times did we see the city that Woody Allen, among other filmmakers, showed like few others? For those who have already visited or for those who are going for the first time, we review must-see New York classics to visit again and again.

Many have the impression, even without ever having been, of knowing each of its corners. Because the Big Apple is an open-air film set: aerial shots, panoramic views, love scenes in Central Park, Broadway musicals and police chases everywhere, the neons of Times Squares and more. The options seem never to be exhausted in this group of islands crossed by the Hudson River, bought by the Dutch from the natives in 1626. They called it New Amsterdam, but it did not last long, the English took it from them in 1664 and gave it its definitive name. : New York.

And since NY is NY, inexhaustible, monumental, classic, modern, avant-garde, drawing a road map through its streets, nooks and crannies and attractions depends on the time available and, of course, on personal interests.


Although there are five districts that make up this great city, Manhattan is by far the most popular. The great attractions of this cosmopolitan city par excellence are concentrated in its always busy streets, between skyscrapers and executives, tourists and passers-by: Asians, Africans, Arabs, Latinos, stereotypes that populate this global village where Spanish sounds in everyone. sides.

The Empire State Building is the roof of New York. The tail is long, but flowing. It is worth choosing, within the possibilities, a clear day. Going up to the observatory on the 86th floor, where there is a circular outdoor terrace with long-range binoculars, is a good first step to take in New York, because it helps a lot to understand from that 360-degree panoramic view where you will walk next. At the entrance they deliver an audio guide, with the history of the city very well explained. The terrace is divided into numbered sectors, and each of these sectors corresponds to another portion of the block. Thus, the story is divided into the different areas that each one stops to observe.

Must-see New York classics to visit, again and again

Central Park is the great lung of New York, a gigantic park of 337 hectares, twice the size of the principality of Monaco. The park has several entrances and, although years ago some areas were dangerous places, today the story is different and it is a very pleasant walk, between artificial and natural lakes, squirrels and countless birds. There are also two ice skating rinks.

Another surprising park is Bryant Park, located in Midtown, one hectare of green between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, an oasis in a nerve center surrounded by skyscrapers. At noon it is one of the favorite places for office workers who work in the area to go to lunch. There are several tables, outdoor piano concerts, and free wi-fi.

Towards the side known as lower Manhattan is the famous financial district of Wall Street, the heart of the world’s finances and, very close to there, Ground Zero, the memorial of the Twin Towers demolished in the attack of September 11, 2001. Next door is being built the new World Trade Center complex of buildings, which will have six towers.

And before leaving Manhattan, you have to pass by the Statue of Liberty, which stands alone in the middle of the river as the icon of the American dream. You can also just take a boat ride across the bay and around Ellis Island, gazing at the fabulous skyline or cityscape from the river.

Culture and shopping

The cultural offer in New York is tremendous: from the gigantic Metropolitan Museum, through the amazing American Museum of Natural History and the incredible MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), to a large number of art galleries scattered especially in the bohemian neighborhood. from Soho, a neighborhood of low-rise buildings, exposed brick and fire escapes, with designer shops, bars and restaurants scattered throughout its quaint streets. Pegadito is Greenwich Village, something like a trip around the world in a few blocks. Blicker Street, for example, alternates Italian, Indian and Mexican restaurants, while the cheese shops are neighbors of shoe stores and ice cream parlors.

When it comes to shopping, here there is everything and for everyone, the offer in clothing and footwear is huge. There are huge sportswear stores, and many department stores, stores that sell basic clothing, with a variety of sizes, and real sales. Meanwhile, on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue you can see the most expensive and exclusive brands.

Brooklyn and the Bronx

These districts – especially the Bronx, which once seemed dangerous and the traveler avoided – today are revitalized and fashionable: they are pleasant corners with a neighborhood soul, which contrast with the crowds of Manhattan. To get to Brooklyn you can take the subway but, as always, the best alternative is to walk. It is very pleasant to walk across the beautiful Brookyln Bridge, over the East River. Once on the other side, you have to walk a few blocks to Brooklyn Heights, a peaceful neighborhood of old houses, fashionable places and with a coastal walk that offers a spectacular view of the skyscrapers on the other side of the river.

For its part, the Bronx, a former African-American ghetto once stigmatized as dangerous, is now part of the new New York tourist circuit. Here you have to get carried away in the 2700 hectares of Pelham Bay Park, enjoy a good plate of Italian pasta in the Arthur Avenue area, visit the zoo with more than four thousand animals, or the Botanical Garden. But undoubtedly the mystique of the Bronx is in the neighborhood churches: you have to enter one and immerse yourself in the world of gospel music, an unforgettable experience. As much as a trip to New York.

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