Muslims have the right to kill millions of Frenchmen, the former prime minister of Malaysia wrote

“The French have killed millions of people throughout their history. Many of the victims were Muslims, who have the right to be upset and kill millions of French people because of past massacres, “Mohamad wrote.

Twitter refused to withdraw his post for some time, citing the public interest. At the same time, however, he described the post as warning. On Thursday afternoon, at the urging of the French side, he withdrew the part in which the ex-prime minister wrote about the right of retaliation.

The 95-year-old Malaysian ex-prime minister has made several controversial statements in the past, for example about Jews and homosexuals.

Aoussaoui murdered three people in Nice on Thursday, cutting off the head of a woman in the Basilica of Notre-Dame. Representatives of Muslim countries and some Islamic spiritual leaders condemned the attack, in which three people died and in which the attacker called Allah akbar (God is great) in Arabic.

“We condemn the violent terrorist attack that claimed three lives in Nice, France,” Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Aljuber said on Twitter.

The Grand Imam of Al Azhar University, which holds one of the most respected positions for Sunni Muslims, described the “disgusting” attack in Nice. He also warned against “escalating the rhetoric of violence and hatred” and called for “the voice of reason to prevail.”

The attack was also condemned by the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and urged French followers of Islam to cancel the celebrations of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, whose anniversary falls on Thursday this year, in solidarity with the victims and their loved ones.

The proposed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri expressed his disapproval of the “disgusting” act. “Terrorism knows no religion and all Muslims are being called upon to reject this crime, which has nothing to do with Islam or the Prophet of Love,” he wrote on Twitter.

The attack as “extremist” was also rejected by Saudi Arabia. A member of the French consulate was stabbed in Jeddah on Thursday.

The United Arab Emirates also stood up for France. “We assure you that the language of violence and extremism does not represent us,” wrote the head of diplomacy there. The act also strongly condemned Qatar.

Condolences from Zeman

The attack was also condemned by Czech politicians. President Milos Zeman sent condolences to the French president. “In these difficult times, we must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by fear of hateful fanatics, but rather to defend the values ​​on which European civilization is based, values ​​that undoubtedly include freedom of religion, safe, without the threat of violent attacks,” Zeman said.

“I am absolutely horrified by the barbaric attack in Nice,” said Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES), according to whom the Czechia is behind French President Macron and all the French.

On Twitter, the head of Czech diplomacy, Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD), expressed his condolences to the relatives and families of the victims and also recalled another attempt at an attack in Avignon and an attack on the French embassy in Saudi Arabia. According to him, there is no excuse for them, whatever their motivation.

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