Muslims have the right to kill millions of Frenchmen, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia wrote

A terrorist attack took place in the southern French coastal city of Nice on Thursday – an unnamed man cut off the woman’s head and killed two other people at the Notre-Dame Basilica. At the same time, France has not yet managed to recover from the brutal attack on high school teacher Samuel Paty, who was cut off by a young man of Chechen origin this month for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in his teaching. Both incidents started a word war on social networks, not only among ordinary users, but also among politicians. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad has posted a number of posts on his Twitter account, apparently referring to recent events.

Shortly after the attack, Mohamad posted a post on Twitter stating that Muslims have the right to “kill millions of French” for massacres that have taken place in the past. Twitter described his post as words promoting violence and therefore non-compliant. But he did not delete it, because according to the company, it is in the public interest to stay on the social network. But not for long. Following the intervention of the French government, Twitter withdrew the post, writes the AFP agency.

However, the mentioned contribution of the Malaysian politician is not the only thing that has been heard from him in recent days. He had previously responded to the murder of Samuel Paty. He said at the time that he condemned the attack, but that freedom of speech did not mean “insulting other people”, he writes. web Al Arabiya.

“Regardless of the religion, angry people kill. The French have killed millions of people throughout their history. Many were Muslims, “Mohamad wrote in his next post. However, he did not mention what events he refers to.

French President Emmanuel Macron, whom Mohamad called “very primitive,” has also been criticized. “Macron does not show that he is civilized. He is very primitive when he accuses Islam and Muslims of killing a teacher. It is not in accordance with Islamic teachings, “says Mohamada in another post.

Promises of crackdown on Islamic extremism, the advocacy of cartoons and blasphemy by Macron have angered parts of the Muslim world. The governments of some Muslim countries blame Macron for spreading anti-Islamic propaganda. Protests against France have even erupted in some, calling for a boycott of French goods, Al Arabiya writes. In Iraq, Bangladesh and Somalia, people took to the streets to protest against the French position.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has attacked Macron sharply in recent days. France’s position has also been criticized by Iranian President Hasan Ruhani. “The insults of the Prophet are immoral and incite violence. It is surprising that this comes from those who boast of culture and democracy, and that in a way, albeit unintentionally, they are calling for violence and bloodshed, “Rúhaní said.

But there are also those who support the work of Emmanuel Macron. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called on the Allies in the North Atlantic Alliance to show unity on tolerance and freedom of expression.

Macron and his promotion of freedom of speech were supported, among others, by the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. “We must fight for freedom of speech and we will not succumb to the pressure of authoritarians and aggressors,” Babiš said on Twitter.

In connection with the attack in Nice, the Grand Imam of the University of Al-Azhar warned against “escalating the rhetoric of violence and hatred” and called for the “voice of reason” to prevail. The proposed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri also expressed his opposition to the “disgusting” act. “Terrorism does not know religion, and all Muslims are being called upon to reject this crime, which has nothing to do with Islam or the Prophet of Love,” he wrote on social media.

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