Motorola Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra: A Review of the Latest Folding Phones from Motorola

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Launched a piece of jewelry from a mobile.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Find Jarle Kvalheim

Here on the mountain, there are almost only two choices if you want a foldable flip phone. Motorola’s Razr series or Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series.

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Motorola has just unveiled the two latest editions of its Razr phones at an event in Madrid. The innovations are called Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra.

We have unwrapped a test specimen of the species, and ours is in a rather special version made in collaboration with the color specialists at Pantone. The back is unusually made of artificial leather.

The result is a jewel of a mobile phone, where the vast majority of technology is maxed out.

The flip phone as a concept is about having a large mobile screen that folds down into a very compact unit.  The Razr Ultra does not take up much space in your pocket.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Clearly visible

The test car is the so-called Viva Magenta variant, and the color must be visible from several kilometers away.

The phone looks like a small piece of jewelry, with its intense color palette and glossy aluminum frame.

It is compact and nice to hold, and also weighs quite a bit.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

The phone folds flat, with no openings for dirt and crap to enter from the side.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Motorola promises that the back will not be shatterproof on this model, while the colors Infinite Black and Glacier Blue – black and blue – instead have a more traditional slightly bumpy glass surface on the back.

There, the material should be roughly as we know it from today’s Edge 40 models.

The outer screen has received good specifications this time.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Big outer screen

The huge outer screen covers almost all of one half of the phone, and it also extends around the cameras that are on the outside.

With a 3.6-inch work surface, you can easily do small operations, watch YouTube or control Spotify right in the palm of your hand, without having to unfold it.

As usual, you can use the external screen as a camera viewfinder, or to preview for the person you are taking pictures of.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Both the inner screen and the outer screen are fast on the Razr 40 Ultra. It is the first time we have seen that the external screen is also promised 144 hertz.

Both screens must also be very bright, with 1400 nits for the inner screen and 1100 nits for the outer screen respectively. That should mean they work well in the sun, both of them.

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The screen bend doesn't seem to disappear completely, no matter how fat the rest of the phone is made.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

One of the usual points of appeal with foldable mobiles is still here. Namely the visible, and noticeable, screen bend in the middle. In normal use situations, you hardly notice it – but it is just as much a cosmetic flaw that neither Samsung nor Moto can completely get rid of.

A number of adaptations to the form factor must be in place, with various app-adapted “panels” for use on the external screen. But you can also use the app as is.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

The two cameras are 12 and 13 megapixels. It is promised that they will be of a fairly good caliber, but we still do not know exactly how good they are.

We grant ourselves a couple of early test photos, but it is good to know that before launch the software is not always ready. It is possible that there will be updates as soon as the phone has been launched, and before our final test is ready.

The cameras in flip phones have often been worse than in the other flagships – at the same time, the phones have the option of being their own stand if you place them partially unfolded. So they have some advantages of the form factor.

The collaboration with Pantone on the magenta variant is highly visible on the phone.

Find Jarle Kvalheim,

Cheaper variant on tow

Along with the Razr 40 Ultra comes a simpler edition that is “just” the Razr 40. It has a lot in common in terms of design with Samsung’s flip mobile, the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Because here the outer screen is only a narrow strip on the outside of the phone, and on the inside is the performance slightly scaled down to a Snapdragon 7 variant.

It’s still a “near-top” processor, so the Razr 40 should also have sufficient power. In terms of price, it will be quite a bit more affordable to buy, although it won’t exactly be cheap.

The Razr 40 will cost NOK 9,990, while the Razr 40 Ultra is expected to cost NOK 13,490.

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