Mother’s car drives into schoolyard without handbrake: toddler (4) dies, four injured | Abroad

drama ItalyIn the Italian city of L’Aquila, a car without a handbrake drove off a hill and ended up on the playground of a kindergarten. A child (4) who was playing in the square did not survive that accident. Four other children were injured.

The group of playing toddlers was hit by a car this afternoon on the playground of their own school in L’Aquila, a city in central Italy. A four-year-old boy died after several attempts at resuscitation on the way to hospital. A girl of the same age was seriously injured. She was taken to a hospital in Rome in critical condition.

The car belongs to a mother who came to pick up her own child at the school. She had parked the car on a hill near the school. When the woman was inside, the car started rolling and slammed into the gate of the school. The vehicle came to a stop in the schoolyard, where the children were playing.

Handrem loose

Police said the handbrake was not applied. It is still unclear whether the mother forgot to apply the handbrake or whether her other child, an 8-year-old boy who was in the car at the time of the accident, released the handbrake. The son is unharmed, but in shock.

The teachers got all the children, including the slightly injured, inside as quickly as possible. “The most important thing is that the children do not suffer trauma from the accident itself, nor from the police and ambulances,” one of them told Ansa news agency.

L’Aquila Mayor Pierluigi Biondi has declared a day of mourning and canceled all his appointments for tomorrow. “I am deeply moved by this tragic news,” he told the Italian press after his visit to the school. “We hope and pray that the number of victims will not increase further.”

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