Mother gives birth on A4 with help from husband

January 27, 2020

The child, whose name is Alice, was stabilized as soon as the medical emergency arrived.

This Sunday, a family had to improvise a delivery room on the highway. Alice was born on the A4, before the Azibo node, in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros. The alert was given at 9:30 pm and when INEM arrived, the father had already delivered the baby.

“When they arrived, the baby had already been born with the help of her father, but everything else, namely the stabilization work, was carried out by the firefighters and by INEM, which were triggered after the girl’s father asked for help for 112. Everything happened very well. Even the nurse on duty is a midwife. It was a happy story, “explained João Venceslau, commander of Macedo de Cavaleiros Fire Department.


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