More than a million infected people in the USA «

  • So far there have been in Austria 15,314 positive test results (As of: Tuesday, 10 p.m., Ministry of Health). Are in this country 550 people the consequences of the corona virus deceased. 12,580 are recovered again. Are currently 561 people due to the coronavirus in hospital treatment and 136 of them in intensive care units.
  • Currently sick in the federal states: 2,208
  • Status by federal states (As of Tuesday, 10 p.m.): Burgenland (76), Carinthia (23), Lower Austria (396), Upper Austria (157), Salzburg (120), Styria (507), Tyrol (315), Vorarlberg (87), Vienna (527).
  • Meet friends and family allowed by Ministry of Health
  • Exit restrictions are ended
  • Infographics: The corona virus in Austria and around the world.
  • Psychotherapy helpline 0720 12 00 12 offers daily from 8 to 22:00 free help.

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Tuesday April 28, 2020

In the United States, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections has exceeded the one million mark. According to Johns Hopkins University, 1.002 million infections were registered by Tuesday. The United States is by far the country with the most confirmed infections worldwide – however, a lot is tested in the United States.

9.42 p.m .: AUA has applied for EUR 767 million in aid in Austria

“I can confirm that we have made an official application for state aid to ÖKB and COFAG“said AUA spokesman Peter Thier on Tuesday evening for the APA. A Big part the sum consists of repayable loansThe other part are grants that are still to be negotiated, the spokesman continued.

Completed become government aid from the corona financing agency COFAG, which manages the 15 billion euro corona aid fund. The loans are applied for through the house bank. In the case of the AUA, it is a consortium in which Erste Bank and Raiffeisen are reportedly involved.

20:56: Latvia decides on May 7th

Latvia plans to make a decision about its way out of the Corona emergency next week. The government of the Baltic EU country plans to review existing restrictions on May 7, Prime Minister said Krisjanis Karins on Tuesday in Riga. It should be discussed which of these can be gradually relaxed, taking into account the health and safety of society. “We will not endanger people’s lives,” said Karins. The corona crisis was not a short-term event because the disease would not go away so quickly. “But we should learn to go back to normal life,” said the head of government.

8.30 p.m .: Number of new patients in New York is falling

In the US state of New York, which has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of new hospital admissions has dropped by more than 70 percent since the peak of the outbreak in early April. On Monday, for the first time in more than a month, less than 1,000 people were newly admitted to the state’s hospitals with around 19 million people in a day, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his daily press conference on Tuesday. For example, on April 7, there were more than 3,000.

The death toll remained relatively stable at 335 on Monday. At the height of the outbreak, nearly 800 people died in New York each day after being infected with the novel corona virus. In total, more than 17,000 people have already died in New York, and around 300,000 have become infected.

8.15 p.m .: Czech Republic extended emergency until May 17

The Czech Republic has extended the national emergency related to the coronavirus epidemic that has been in effect since March 12 to May 17. The House of Representatives decided on Tuesday. The MPs did not respond to the government’s request that the special regime be extended to May 25.

The decisive factor was the attitude of the Communists (KSCM) who tolerate the minority cabinet of the ANO protest movement of Prime Minister Andrej Babis and the Social Democrats (CSSD). The liberal-conservative opposition called for an even shorter extension of the state of emergency – only one to two weeks after April 30.

7.50 p.m .: Why the Catalans of Spain are finally fed up

After Italy, Spain has the most in Europe
Corona dead. “Catalonia accuses Spain of total failure”,
says the political scientist living and teaching in Barcelona Klaus-Jürgen Nagel.

>> You can find the interview here

19:37: Turkish Airlines extended flight stop

The semi-governmental Turkish airline Turkish Airlines is now suspending its flights until May 28 due to the coronavirus crisis. The company announced on Tuesday evening. chief Executive Officer Bilal Eksi tweeted his regret and wrote that this affects both domestic and international flights. International flights should be resumed on May 20, domestic flights on May 1.

In the second half of March, Turkey officially stopped air traffic. In April, however, there were still special commercial flights for foreigners stuck in Turkey at short notice.

7.18 p.m .: protective masks are tax-exempt

On Tuesday evening, the National Council, with a coalition majority, provided millions in aid to combat the corona pandemic internationally. Between April 13 and August 1 of this year, deliveries and intra-Community purchases of protective masks were exempt from VAT.

According to today’s decision, the guarantee fund set up by the European Investment Bank in the corona crisis will be allocated 650 million. In addition, the finance minister is empowered to be able to assume federal guarantees in the form of guarantees of up to EUR 720 million in order to support the instrument of short-time work at European level.

It was also decided in the evening that video technology can now also be used in administrative procedures. Furthermore, it was passed: anyone who should conclude the integration agreement between March 22 and June 30 will be delayed until October 31 because of the corona crisis, as it is currently de facto impossible to complete the German and value courses. This amendment was passed jointly by the NEOS and the coalition.

7:10 pm: US government is reviewing Brazil’s entry ban

In view of the corona epidemic in Brazil, the US government is considering imposing an entry ban on people from the South American country. Such a measure is currently being seriously considered, said the US President Donald Trump on Tuesday at the White House at a meeting with the governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

Florida has traditionally had many flight and business connections with the countries of South America. DeSantis said it might also be possible to use rapid tests to test passengers for the corona virus before they depart for the United States. According to Johns Hopkins University in Brazil, there were over 67,000 confirmed infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen and around 4,600 deaths by Tuesday noon (local time).

18:54: British Airways wants to cut up to 12,000 jobs

The airline’s parent company, the IAG Group, justified the decision on Tuesday with the fact that it will probably take several years for air traffic to return to normal. The airlines also belong to the IAG Group Iberia, Vueling, Air Lingus and Level. The Group sales sank year-on-year in the first three months by 13 percent to 4.6 billion euros. The group plans to present detailed figures on May 7.

6:52 p.m .: Tenth case of infection in the Vatican

The most recent case is a Vatican employee who has been placed under isolation and is under surveillance, such as Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni reported on Tuesday. The infected had reported and had some symptoms in March in the home office under quarantine continued to work. The St. Peter’s Square is since Closed March 10th. The Pope speaks the Angelus prayer via video conference. His daily mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta guest house is streamed via the Internet.

18:39: Hamster purchases brought Carrefour sales jump

The French retail group Carrefour generated 7.8 percent more revenue in the first quarter of the current year than a year earlier. The reason was “precautionary purchases” in March in the wake of the corona pandemic. This can be seen from the figures, Carrefour explained: on a comparable basis, the increase in food sales was 9.9 percent, for other goods there was a decrease of 3.5 percent. Online purchases of food had even increased by 45 percent.

6:20 p.m .: 382 fatalities in 24 hours in Italy

In Italy, the number of deaths with a corona infection rose again on Tuesday. 382 deaths were reported within 24 hours, compared to 333 on Monday. Italy passed the 27,000 death toll. A total of 27,359 deaths related to Covid-19 have now been reported. The peak was reached on March 27 with 919 deaths in one day.

The number of actively infected people dropped from 105,813 to 105,205 within 24 hours, said the Italian civil defense. 19,723 Covid 19 sufferers were still in Italian hospitals. There were 1,863 patients in the intensive care unit. The number of patients in home isolation was 83,619, that of those recovered rose to 68,941.

6.10 p.m .: Italy’s private schools fear closure

The Coronavirus epidemic is extremely hard on Italy’s private schools, most of them Catholic. After the Italian government announced that all schools would be closed from March 5 through September, private schools that depend on family tuition fees are worried about their future. A third of them could no longer open in September. “Without state aid, several schools have been ordered to close, some of which will go bankrupt in May. There is no more money to pay teachers’ wages,” warned the presidents of associations of Catholic schools in Italy.

300,000 students may be forced to switch to state schools in September.

17:57: Guesswork about Kim Jong-un

Where to Kim Jong Un South Korea’s Minister of Reunification also knows that Kim Yeon-chul, Not. But he has a theory of why the ruler of North Korea is currently every trace is missing:

5.45 p.m .: Putin extended non-working time

Russian President Wladimir Putin has extended non-working time by a good two weeks. This regulation now applies until May 11, the Kremlin chief said on Tuesday at a video conference broadcast on state television. Many Russians would then be at home for six weeks with full wage compensation. Only after this time will there be gradual easing, Putin said. “Of course, it was hoped that the forced inconvenience would end soon,” he said. But it would be careless and dangerous to believe that the threat had diminished. “We managed to slow the spread somewhat. We cannot be satisfied now. The situation remains very difficult.”

17:27: No further infections in Vorarlberg

No new coronavirus infections have been registered in Vorarlberg since last Saturday. Of the 881 sick people, 786 were recovered on Tuesday evening, bringing the number of people infected to 80. The number of Covid 19 fatalities also remained constant – 15 people in Vorarlberg have died of the coronavirus to date.

17:23: Possible drug from Viennese companies in Italy

An experimental active ingredient – Solnatide – from the Viennese biotech company Apeptico was also approved in Italy on Tuesday for the treatment of seriously ill Covid-19 patients as part of a compassionate use program. The company announced this in a press release.

Solnatide could have an effect in patients with acute lung failure. The peptide is said to restore the tightness of membranes in the lung tissue and thus counteract the pulmonary edema that occurs in the context of acute disease (ARDS). A large study on effectiveness has not yet been carried out. The further development is also supported by Austrian research funds for Covid 19 projects.

4:56 pm: Millions of Americans do not get unemployment benefits

In the United States, the corona crisis apparently has massive problems with the applications of millions of unemployed people for state support. According to an online survey by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), many did not get the aid or did not even apply for it.

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4.48 p.m .: Obligation to wear a mask in local public transport

France makes it mandatory to wear protective masks in public transport throughout the country. From May 11th, you have to wear face mask on the metro, on buses and on trains, like Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Tuesday in the National Assembly. At the same time, the shops should open again. Bars and restaurants remain closed.

4.45 p.m .: State of emergency in Egypt extended by three months

The Egyptian head of state Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has extended the state of emergency in Egypt that has been in effect for around three years due to the corona pandemic and security concerns by a further three months. Sisi ordered the extension on Tuesday by decree, citing the “serious health and safety situation” in the country.

The emergency was declared in April 2017 after two attacks with dozens killed. The Egyptian government is trying to slow the spread of the novel corona virus. At the same time, head of state Sisi instructed the army and the police to “take the necessary measures to tackle terrorism and terrorist financing”. Since the fall of the former president Mohammed Mursi In 2013, Egypt fought Islamists who carried out attacks primarily on the Sinai Peninsula.

The state of emergency gives the police extensive powers and also limits freedom of expression and assembly. Last week, Parliament gave President Sisi additional powers, according to state media. Among other things, he is now allowed to close schools, restrict meetings and instruct private hospitals to relieve public health care.

4.30 p.m .: Quarantine ship for infected seniors

Given the high number of Covid-19 patients in Friuli’s old people’s homes, the Friuli Venezia Giulia authorities have decided to transfer infected patients to a quarantine ship. This is to prevent the virus from spreading in the homes. The ship “GNV Azzurra” will arrive in Trieste on Wednesday.

In the first phase, 50 patients are to be accommodated in the ship. The total number of infected seniors in Friuli Venezia Giulia is 150. The decision to set up a quarantine ship for infected seniors was criticized. According to opposition parties in the Friulian regional parliament, the sick could have been accommodated in hotels.

4.15 p.m .: Prado expects 70 percent less income

Not only the big Viennese houses, but also the art temples in other parts of the world suffer massive financial setbacks in the corona pandemic: Due to the crisis, the Madrid Prado is expected to lose 70 percent in revenue this year, said a video conference on Tuesday with the Spanish royal couple . In 2018, the revenue was just under 47 million euros.

4.00 p.m .: Second wave is coming “with high probability”

Herwig Kollaritsch, Epidemiologist, infectiologist and member of the Corona task force, warns against false expectations in view of the announced easing, which he sees as a “tightrope walk”: “We have the stupid situation that we are helpless towards the virus.”

>> Here you can find the interview with Kollaritsch

3:48 p.m .: State of emergency in Portugal ends on May 2

Portugal will not prolong the alarm condition due to the Corona crisis until May 2nd. The virus should be kept under control by “other tools” next weekend, President said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on Tuesday after meeting with healthcare professionals. The new rules are expected to be announced later this week. The government is considering opening retail stores, hairdressing stores, and kindergartens.

In Portugal, the approximately ten million citizens have had a strict restriction on freedom of movement for six weeks. The number of confirmed cases of infection was around 23,000 on Tuesday. Just under 950 people have died in connection with Covid-19. According to the authorities, the peak in new infection numbers was reached at the end of March.

3:42 pm: EU authorities want to loosen controls cautiously

The EU countries want to loosen the border controls introduced in the corona crisis with great caution. The Croatian Minister of the Interior said that it had been agreed that opening the European internal borders should be as careful as opening the EU’s external borders Before that Bozinovic on Tuesday after a video conference with his EU counterparts.

Bozinovic, whose country currently holds the EU Council Presidency, emphasized that the 27 countries wanted to loosen the corona measures in close coordination with one another in order to avoid a second wave of infections. “The restrictions are gradually being relaxed, first in fields and areas with a comparatively low risk of spreading the virus,” said Bozinovic.

15:37: Paris Hilton takes time for fans in isolation

Society star Paris Hilton given the initial restrictions in the corona crisis, takes time to answer questions from its followers. “During this time, I love interacting with all my fans and connecting with everyone more than ever,” she wrote on Monday (local time) on her social networks.

The 39-year-old posted a phone number and encouraged her subscribers to send her text messages. She usually replies with voice messages, because that is more personal and also easier than typing, she said. Sitting in a pink armchair on a terrace, the heiress of the hotel also revealed what she loved to do during isolation: “I love to do art, cook and spend time with my dog ​​babies.”

15:14: Luxembourg tests its entire population

Luxembourg wants to test its entire population for the corona virus. All 600,000 residents should be examined within a month, said research ministers Claude Meisch on Tuesday at a video press conference. Around 20,000 corona tests would have to be carried out per day. According to Meisch, the test offensive will cost around 40 million euros. So far, more than 39,000 people have been tested for the novel corona virus in the Grand Duchy. 3,729 infections were detected, 88 of the infected died.

3:08 p.m .: 59 positive tests in Tyrol’s old people’s and nursing homes

The comprehensive tests in Tyrol’s old people’s and nursing homes have been completed. 59 people – about the same number of residents as employees – were now tested positive for the corona virus, said the governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) on Tuesday at a video press conference. It was a “positive experience”, he said, since a total of 12,000 tests were carried out.

Those in the facilities who were infected with the virus were subsequently isolated, said Platter. From May 4, visits to Tyrol’s old people’s and nursing homes will be permitted again. However, Platter urged the visitors to follow the instructions, such as keeping the prescribed distance or wearing a mouth-nose guard. It is particularly important to protect this group. Because, as you could see in Trentino, “the biggest problem” was that the virus could spread in the homes.

2:56 pm: Thousands killed in British nursing homes

In British nursing homes, thousands of people have died as a result of their corona infection. In England and Wales alone, 4,343 residents died in two weeks (April 10th to 24th), the national statistics agency ONS announced on Tuesday. The operators of the facilities fear that the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in their homes. The number of deaths in the homes increased significantly, they warned.

The government’s daily statistics on the Covid-19 deaths only record hospital deaths. So far, more than 21,000 people have died as a result of their infection in the clinics. Critics had always suspected a high number of unreported cases, also because of the lack of corona tests.

2:44 p.m .: NEOS demand opening plan for adult education

The NEOS are calling for an opening plan for adult education. Retraining and further training are urgently needed, particularly in times of crisis. With the appropriate training courses, you can make a big leap in digitalization, says education spokeswoman Martina Künsberg Sarre. In addition, after schools and Matura, a solution for catching up on qualifications is a requirement of fairness.

According to the NEOS, further training offers should be able to start operating again in the middle of May with “manageable groups” of 15 to 20 people and under the usual conditions. Where the distance rules can be observed, gradual events with more participants should then be possible. In any case, the group size of 10 people allowed for events from May 1st is too small to run profitable courses. Many of the 57,000 adult education trainers are currently hanging economically in the air.

2:26 p.m .: Can items of clothing be tried on?

At the beginning of May, the large fashion stores can be reopened for the small ones, but subject to new protective measures. We asked around: Can items of clothing be tried on in the changing room?

14.18 p.m .: Klagenfurt beach pools only open at the end of May

According to the federal government’s announcement, the Klagenfurt beach resorts will only open on May 29 and not in the middle of the month. The city announced in a broadcast on Tuesday. The lounging area of ​​the lido is also to be expanded to include the adjacent dog beach and the meadow in the north in order to have more space and to allow more guests in. With the additional around 17,500 square meters, you could have 6,000 guests in the lido at the same time, plus about 1,000 in the other two pools Loretto and Maiernigg, said Stadtwerke board Erwin Smole on APA request.

2:16 p.m .: First playgrounds are opened in Vienna

The first playgrounds in Vienna will be open again next week. The mayor announced Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) on Tuesday in the margins of a press conference. The plants were all closed in mid-March as a result of the measures taken against the corona virus. As of next Monday, the first places should be accessible again. In the mayor’s office, the APA was advised that it was still being worked out, when exactly what would open and what the specific regulations would look like. All information on this should be communicated soon.

2:05 p.m .: Business growth at mask manufacturer 3M

The US conglomerate 3M, known for its respiratory masks, is benefiting from increased demand for protective equipment in the corona pandemic. In the first quarter, profits increased by around 45 percent year-on-year to $ 1.3 billion, as 3M announced on Tuesday. Revenue rose nearly 3 percent to $ 8.1 billion. CEO Mike Roman reported strong growth in the security needs line, but other areas would be impacted by the pandemic. The group withdrew its annual forecast due to increased uncertainty.

13:57: Everything new on May 1? Normality looks different

“The virus is still there,” the government reminded the moment it announced the easing. The lack of closeness hurts. The goal of regaining closeness as a matter of course is still a long way off.

Claudia Gigler’s comment!

1:47 pm: Istanbul’s mayor criticizes Erdogan’s crisis management

The Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu, has criticized the government’s crisis management in Ankara in the German weekly “Die Zeit”. “Istanbul is the center of the Corona crisis in Turkey. But we have no data on the situation in our city,” said Imamoglu.

“Whether it is about diagnoses, the number of treatments or other issues – all information is under the control of the Ministry of Health in Ankara. And that only publishes figures for the whole of Turkey,” added the 49-year-old.

Imamoglu, the opposition party, also reported CHP heard and was elected in June 2019 that he has not been with the President since the crisis in Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “I asked for an appointment with the President three times, there was no response.” He did not have the president’s mobile phone number, said the mayor of the 16 million metropolis, the largest city in Turkey.

1:38 pm: Tourism industry continues to hope for foreign guests

From a “relief” for the tourism, hotel and leisure industries Petra Nocker-Schwarzenbacher, Chairwoman of the Federal Department of Tourism and Leisure Business in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, spoken on Tuesday in the Ö1 “Mittagsjournal”. That meant the Accommodation facilities reopened on May 29. Now one hopes especially on the German tourist market.

“This is the Pentecost weekend, there are already good bookings here and there. It will certainly be a good start for companies that are opening up there. We need about a month’s lead time, there is a lot to do,” said the industry spokeswoman.

1:27 pm: Italy’s “wine king” Brunello feels the corona crisis

Also the “king” of the Tuscan wines, the world famous “Brunello di Montalcino”, suffers from the coronavirus crisis. The consortium, in which its producers are united, is suffering due to the declining demand from the catering trade and the absence of tourists who visit the wineries of Tuscany and buy wine there.

1:12 p.m .: Union demands fast solution for nursing staff

The union initiative vidaflex would like a quick solution for 24-hour care in Austria. “Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, both the colleagues in the 24-hour care and the people they care for have become a toy of politics,” criticized Christoph Lipinski, vidaflex expert for 24-hour care, in one broadcast.

01.01 p.m .: Minute of silence for dead doctors and nurses

Great Britain has thought with a minute’s silence of the approximately 100 doctors and nurses who died from the consequences of a corona infection. Prime Minister too Boris Johnson took part. The head of government, who had recovered from his lung disease Covid-19, had resumed work on Downing Street the previous day.

12.55 p.m .: AMS training is possible again from May 15th

The Labor Market Service (AMS) can hold training courses for the unemployed again from mid-May. “Training by the AMS and on behalf of the AMS can be carried out from May 15,” says a document from the Federal Chancellery (BKA) that was sent to the parliamentary clubs. AMS training has been suspended since March 16 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

12.49 p.m .: “Venice is a time bomb”: City asks for help

The city severely affected by the autumn floods and the coronavirus epidemic Venice has urgently asked the Italian government for help. “Venice is a time bomb. Citizens are tired and angry, it’s hard to keep them,” said the mayor Luigi Brugnarowho held a press conference to present his request to Rome.

12.37 p.m .: Delivery of masks for school opening started

The Ministry of Education is now equipping the schools with disinfectants and protective masks for the gradual opening of the school from May 18 to ensure a high standard of safety. The delivery of the first tranche was taken over by the Federal Army on Tuesday, education ministers said Heinz Fassmann and Secretary of Defense Klaudia Tanner (both ÖVP) with.

As a result, about 500 other schools in Austria are to be supplied by soldiers from the armed forces base of the Federal Army. Approximately 55 pallets of the 1,256,900 masks are to be brought to schools from a warehouse in Wels in the coming days.

12.33 p.m .: No positive data on chloroquine and AIDS drug

Aside from the US President’s worrying recommendations about the use of Covid-19 disinfectants against poisoning centers around the world Donald Trump: So far there are hardly any positive data on the various drug therapies envisaged. The Tyrolean intensive care physician now provides this Walter Hasibeder (Hospital Zams / Tirol) in an overview for his colleagues.

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12.27 p.m .: “Neusiedler See-regulation” expires on April 30th

Unrestricted access to seaside resorts is possible again from May 1st – according to Governor Doskozil, there should be no new regulation for the time being due to falling infection numbers.

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12.20 p.m .: No positive data on chloroquine and AIDS drug

Aside from the US President’s worrying recommendations about the use of Covid-19 disinfectants against poisoning centers around the world Donald Trump: So far there are hardly any positive data on the various drug therapies envisaged. The Tyrolean intensive care physician now provides this Walter Hasibeder (Hospital Zams / Tirol) in an overview for his colleagues.

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12.18 p.m .: Interim report on the Causa Ischgl should be available next week

After the consumer protection association (VSV) submitted a statement of the facts to the public prosecutor’s office because the Tyrolean authorities are said to have delayed the blocking of hotels and slopes, an interim report by the police should be available at the end of next week. Then further investigations should be decided, said prosecutor spokesman Hansjörg Mayr. Mayr confirmed a report from “Focus Online” that no specific persons have yet been investigated.

12:04 p.m .: Talks about Lufthansa rescue are ongoing

Negotiations on a billion dollar rescue package for the German AUA mother Lufthansa According to insiders, the coronavirus crisis is still ongoing. “There is no agreement,” it was said in corporate and government circles on Tuesday on a different report by the online magazine “Business Insider”.

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11.55 a.m .: Vienna pools open again on May 29

The Vienna Baths will open again on the first possible day, i.e. on May 29th. Mayor has that Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) announced in a press conference. A number of measures are intended to ensure that the safety distance can be maintained. This limits the number of visitors. A corresponding “pool management” was also announced.

Crushes at the entrances should also be prevented. According to Ludwig, for example, a simplified tariff structure is planned to enable quick admission. Children under ten years of age may only enter the bathroom with an adult accompanying person.

11.49: Beijing accuses Washington of “outrageous lies” in the corona crisis

China has responded drastically to possible US compensation claims for the corona crisis. US politicians spread “outrageous lies” about the pandemic, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Geng Shuang in Beijing. In doing so, they wanted to “avoid their responsibility for their own bad measures to prevent and control the epidemic and divert public attention from themselves”.

11.47 a.m .: Serbs protest against measures on balconies

In Serbia There is growing dissatisfaction with the government’s stringent measures to combat the corona crisis, especially with the total curfew on weekends. After the authorities had announced that the curfew should begin next Thursday afternoon due to May 1st, some Serbs are voicing their displeasure.

11.42 a.m .: the same number of alpine deaths despite Corona exit restrictions

Although mountain sports in Austria have been drastically restricted since the beginning of March due to the corona virus, or even temporarily banned in Tyrol, there were about as many alpine deaths in the 2019/20 winter season as in the same period last year. This emerged from the alpine accident statistics that were published.

Nevertheless, there is a very clear corona effect in the statistics, explained Karl Gabl, President of the Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety. The effects of the curfew and the premature closure of ski resorts can be seen very clearly in the number of piste and ski touring accidents. “We recorded a total of eight accidents in this area in the period from March 15 to April 19. In the same period of the previous year, there were 458 piste or ski touring accidents; 413 over the ten-year average,” said Gabl.

11.33 am: Anschober: No “scaremongering”, no private controls

Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober (Greens) has rejected the allegation of fear that was made against the government after a protocol was announced in March. The discussion that private meetings are not forbidden by the current exit restrictions, Anschober finds “a bit bizarre”.

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11:31: Briefly spoke with South Korea’s President Moon

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has in a phone call with South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in talked about measures against the corona virus. Both countries have been exchanging information since the pandemic began, especially since South Korea was affected by the coronavirus early on and is often cited as a prime example in the response to the outbreak of the infectious disease Covid-19.

11:21: 2,208 people in Austria are currently suffering from Corona

The number of people currently suffering from the SARS-Cov-2 virus in Austria has dropped to 2,208. The decrease in the 24-hour comparison is thus 6.6 percent or 155 fewer people (As of 9:30 a.m.). 561 of these patients are treated in a hospital, 136 of them in an intensive care unit.

The peak in this regard was reached on April 8 with 267 registered intensive care patients. So far, according to the Interior Ministry, there have been 15,357 positive test results (plus 0.5 percent) on the corona virus in Austria. 12,580 have recovered from an infection. Across Austria, 569 people died of complications from Covid-19, resulting in 20 new deaths in a 24-hour comparison, the majority of them in Vienna with 14 deaths.

Here you will find all current figures!

11:04 am: Brussels against voucher solution for corona cancellations

Despite the pressure from the German government, the EU Commission does not want to introduce a mandatory voucher solution for canceled trips in the corona crisis. “I think at this stage, travelers should retain their right to choose a refund,” said the Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean at a video conference with the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

The dispute is about how consumers are compensated for vacation packages and flights canceled due to the corona crisis. EU rules stipulate that travelers can always insist on a refund of ticket costs. The German government would like to deviate from this and allow companies to offer only a voucher.

11:01 am: Arthritis remedies not as effective as hoped

The ability of the arthritis remedy KevzaraMitigating Covid-19 disorders is, according to one new US study not as big as hoped. In the investigation, the condition of Kevzara-treated seriously ill corona patients did not develop better than that of the control group who received a placebo, the manufacturers stated.

10:56: Coach companies see their existence threatened

There are around 800 coach companies in Austria with around 5,500 employees. They are massively affected by the measures against the coronavirus and have lost 100 percent of their sales almost continuously, said Martin Horvath, Chairman of the bus operator in the Chamber of Commerce. Around 4,000 touring coaches are therefore currently at a standstill, mostly with the number plates removed.

The industry had a turnover of around EUR 100 million a month, but was able to cut costs significantly, not least thanks to short-time work. But fixed costs of 40 million euros per month are likely to remain, says Horvath, and the state should take over these.

10:42: Laboratory chief in Wuhan: Corona virus does not come from us

This is repeated as a possible place of origin for the corona virus laboratory in the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan rejected such allegations on Tuesday. Such “malicious” claims are “out of thin air” and contradict all available evidence Yuan Zhiming, the head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

10.32 a.m .: Swimming pools and leisure facilities open on May 29

Analogous to hotels, swimming pools and leisure facilities may reopen from May 29th. In this regard, concepts are currently being developed with those affected, “with regard to certain regulations and requirements,” said Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) at the press conference on Tuesday. Risks should be clarified in advance.

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10:25 am: 100 cars stolen in New Zealand

In New Zealand more than 100 vehicles have been stolen from a car rental site during the Corona State of Emergency. The police arrested 14 suspects after the theft in Auckland, nine of whom were reported, the agency said on Tuesday. 50 of the 112 vehicles were found. Some of them were offered cheaply for sale on the Internet. “If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is,” said investigators Matt Srhoj. In New Zealand, strict restrictions have been placed on everyday life in recent weeks due to the virus crisis. The “lockdown” has been gradually loosened since Tuesday.

10:22 am: According to the newspaper report, Trump already warned of coronavirus in January

US president Donald Trump is a report of “Washington Post” Already in January and February, intelligence briefings repeatedly warned of the dangers posed by the corona virus. For weeks, the head of state had been informed how the pathogen – SARS-CoV-2 and what political and economic consequences threatened. The Washington Post cited various US officials who said that Trump often did not read the briefings or complained that he had to listen to oral summaries. In January and February, the US president largely relativized the dangers posed by the virus. Although Trump restricted travel between the United States and China at the end of January, in February the 73-year-old largely rejected a threat from the virus.

It wasn’t until March 13 that Trump declared a national emergency because of the pandemic when stock prices plummeted and infection rates rose in New York. The United States now has the largest number of people infected and killed by the pandemic worldwide. By Monday evening, the United States had counted just under a million confirmed Covid 19 cases and more than 56,000 deaths.

10.15 a.m .: The bearable severity of being: Austrians so far satisfied

The Homo Austriacus, otherwise not an apprentice at the “Motschkern”, is largely reluctant, according to a survey criticizing the German government. Criticism must still be allowed.

Commentary by Thomas Golser!

10.10 a.m .: Estonia decided strategy for exit from emergency

In Estonia the government has adopted a strategy to exit the Corona emergency. “We had to work together to get the virus under control and we managed to overcome the most difficult points so far. We can now gradually return to everyday life,” said the head of government Jüri Ratas in Tallinn.

9.57 a.m .: German retailers expect up to 50,000 bankruptcies

German retailers are expecting because of the corona crisis up to 50,000 bankruptcies in the industry. During the four-week closings of shops from the non-food sector, the industry had already lost around 30 billion euros in sales, which could not be recovered, said the managing director of the German Trade Association (HDE), Stefan Genth.

In addition, customer traffic has been restrained since the reopening of many stores on Monday last week, Genth told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe (Tuesday editions). This was around one billion euros a day.

9.29 a.m .: Germany is considering a larger rescue package for gastronomy

The German Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier thinks about further help for the catering industry affected by the corona crisis. “If, contrary to expectations, it takes a long time before a full opening is possible, then we have to add more aid,” said the CDU politician on ARD on Tuesday. Then a larger rescue fund would be needed.

9.26 a.m .: German companies are preparing for layoffs

The German labor market is threatened by the corona crisis, according to the Ifo Institute after the short-time work also a job cut. “The HR departments of German companies are preparing for layoffs,” summarized the Munich research institute, the result of a survey. The Ifo employment barometer determined on the basis of the survey fell to a record low of 86.3 points in April, from 93.4 points in March. The decline in the index value was also the strongest that the Ifo Institute ever determined.

“Unemployment in Germany will therefore increase,” is the economic researchers’ conclusion. The development should affect all areas of the German economy.

9.13 a.m .: Take-away pizzerias stormed in Naples

In Naples, Home of pizza, hungry Neapolitans have stormed the pizzerias, which are allowed to offer delivery services on the first day since the coronavirus epidemic began. 60,000 pizzas were delivered to the house on Monday evening alone. Around 40 percent of the pizzerias in Vesuvius are open again.

9:11 am: National Council decides next Corona package

The National Council is launching the next Corona package today. Changes to the Epidemic Act are decided.

Here you get the live ticker!

9.04 a.m .: No agreement on rescue package for Lufthansa yet

Negotiations on a rescue package for the German AUA mother Lufthansa According to insiders, the corona virus crisis is still ongoing. “There is no agreement,” it was said in corporate and government circles on Tuesday in a report by the online magazine “Business Insider”, according to which the German state should contribute around 9 billion euros to the group.

9:02 am: No trade fairs in Italy, Premier is looking for solutions

After the protest by the Italian episcopate against the government’s decision in the corona crisis not to allow public services even in “Phase 2” of the easing, which begins on May 4, Prime Minister has Giuseppe Conte Readiness for dialogue signals: “We will develop a system to allow believers to participate in services in complete security.”

8.59 a.m .: Austrians are satisfied with the government and rather relaxed

In international comparison, Austrians are very satisfied with their government’s corona crisis management. As the Linz Market Institute in a global research project, in April only in China were more people of the opinion that their own government acted appropriately. In addition, the social situation in Austria is seen as relaxed as nowhere else.

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8.54 a.m .: The infection rate in Germany is increasing again

The infection rate with the new corona virus is in Germany according to the Robert Koch Institute, rose again. According to the published RKI statistics every infected person now infects another person, the so-called reproductive rate is 1.0 (data as of April 27th, 00:00).

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8.35 a.m .: Maximum as a group of four and only with reservation in the guest house

On May 15th, bars and zoos will open, hotels, swimming pools and leisure facilities on May 29th. A maximum of four adults (children not included) are allowed to sit at a table in the restaurant, bar operation at the counter is prohibited.

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8.29 a.m .: Naked protest by German doctors against material shortages

Masks, gloves, smocks: In order to draw attention to the lack of protective material in the corona crisis, some German general practitioners have decided to conduct an unusual online protest. Naked – sometimes only wearing a stethoscope – they want to promote better equipment under the motto #blankenkenenken.

8.27 a.m .: Anschober: “Distance rule” remains from May 1

The government has announced that the “exit restrictions” will expire on May 1. The central restriction, according to which the public must be kept a meter away from other people, remains like health ministers Rudolf Anschober (Greens) announced in a press conference. In addition, only a maximum of ten people should gather in public space.

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8.23 a.m .: Infectious Disease: Second wave unavoidable if all areas are opened too quickly

Infectiologist Herwig Kollaritsch spoke in Zib 2 about the dangers and opportunities of the approaching school openings. Opening up all areas of life, as required by the FPÖ, would result in a “proper second corona wave”.

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8.16 a.m .: mass test in a closed house complex in Germany

In the German city Grevenbroich (North Rhine-Westphalia), infected people have not complied with quarantine requirements. That is why an entire high-rise complex with 117 apartments has been cordoned off. As a precaution, all 450 residents should be tested for the virus. A body was also found in one of the apartments on Monday. At first it was not known whether the man had Corona.

7.56 a.m .: Nehammer: So far 30,000 reports have been filed

According to the Home Secretary Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) has the police in connection with the corona crisis 30,000 ads reimbursed and 3,600 organ punishment mandates issued. The number of advertisements peaked at 1,400 and has now dropped sharply to 300 a day, Nehammer said at the first meeting of the Interior Committee since the government was formed, according to parliamentary correspondence.

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7.43 a.m .: Lufthansa rescue apparently under one roof

The AUA mother Lufthansa and the German government have agreed on a rescue plan, according to a media report. The federal government is contributing around nine billion euros to the corporation, which has been hard hit by the corona crisis, the digital business magazine “Business Insider” reported on Tuesday, citing corporate circles.

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7.10 a.m .: More than 66,000 infected people in Brazil

No country in Latin America is more affected by the corona pandemic than Brazil: The region’s largest country has now registered more than 66,000 people infected, and 4,205 people have already died as a result of the virus.

6.06 a.m .: People miss their place but not shopping

The corona pandemic restrictions have very different implications for different sectors of the economy. The Austrians miss the gastronomy and are already looking forward to eating out, the shopping is less important to them. And the desire for summer vacation has also passed away, according to a current survey of 1,000 Austrians.

5.24 a.m .: Auction of meetings with stars should bring money

A coffee with Hillary Clinton? Record a song with Sting? A chat with Sacha Baron Cohen? Or acting lessons from Patrick Stewart? These and other experiences will be auctioned in early May to raise money to fight the corona pandemic. Interested parties could bid online between May 1 and 8, the auction house Sotheby’s in New York said. The proceeds would benefit the International Rescue Committee, a refugee organization, in its efforts to further spread the novel corona virus.

5.18 a.m .: Swede got a picture of the chief virologist

A Swede has the face of the chief virologist who has become famous throughout the country due to the corona crisis Anders Tegnell get a tattoo on the left arm. “I like to have tattoos that mean something to me. And well, Covid-19 will be part of my life for the rest of my life,” said the 32-year-old Gustav Lloyd Agerblad from Stockholm for justification.

5.14 a.m .: Australia relaxes restrictions

In Australia Some states are slowly loosening the corona virus restrictions. In the state New South Wales (NSW), which records nearly half of the approximately 6,700 cases of Covid-19 in Australia, allows up to two adults to visit another person at home from Friday. Also Bondi Beach and two neighboring beaches in Sydney are again open to residents.

5.00 a.m .: Wizz Air is planning flights to seven cities from Vienna on Friday

Regardless of the corona virus pandemic, the Hungarian budget airline wants Wizz Air its flights from out Vienna resume. The starting shot is to take place in four days on Friday. There are seven destinations scheduled for May 1st: Dortmund, Thessaloniki, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Oslo, Eindhoven. On Saturday, another six destinations – Athens, Cologne, Reykjavik, Tenerife, Tel Aviv and Varna – join in. Another three goals – Larnaka, Valencia and Warsaw – are on the program from Sunday, May 3rd.

4.37 a.m .: Madrid and Paris want to relax Corona requirements

In Europe further easing of corona restrictions is pending in several large countries. After this Italy had announced on Monday that a number of conditions will be lifted by May 4th by the governments in Spain and France Today also new details are expected, how everyday life can gradually get going again.

4.20 a.m .: Japan’s chief medical doctor doubts Tokyo 2021

The head of the Japanese Medical Association provides the implementation of the Olympic Games in 2021 without vaccine in question. It will be a challenge for Tokyo to host the Olympic Games next year if there is no effective vaccine against the corona virus, said Yoshitake Yokokura. “I am not saying that Japan should or should not host the Olympic Games, but that it would be difficult to do,” said Yokokura. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, Japan had postponed the Olympic Games originally planned for this year by one year.

3.45 a.m .: Extremely empty hotel beds in Hong Kong

The hotel industry in Hong Kong suffers from the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. The hotels in the Chinese special administrative zone recorded a total occupancy rate of 29 percent in February, compared to 91 percent in the previous year. The main cause is said to be that the number of visitors to the financial center dropped by around 98 percent.

3.33 a.m .: Boeing boss: Corona crisis will burden aviation for years

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing assumes that the aviation industry will recover very slowly from the corona crisis. “We expect travel to return to 2019 levels in two to three years,” said Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun at the Group’s annual general meeting, which was held online only because of the pandemic.

It would take a few more years for the aviation industry to regain its long-term growth trend, Calhoun said. The crisis is “different from anything we have ever experienced” and it is “difficult to estimate when the situation will stabilize”. The Boeing chief made no specific statements about measures such as further austerity programs and job cuts with which Boeing could react to the crisis two days before the quarterly report.

1:11 am: Trump: can’t talk about Kim’s health

US president Donald Trump fueled speculation about a serious illness of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un fired. He has “a pretty good idea” about Kim’s status, “but I can’t talk about it now,” Trump said in the White House. “I hope he’s fine. I kind of know how he’s doing. You’ll probably hear about it in the not too distant future,” Trump answered reporter questions about Kim.

Trump emphasized that he wished Kim “all the best” and that he had “a very good relationship” with him. “If I were not president, we would be at war North Korea. I can tell you that. He expected that, “said the US President.

0.55 a.m .: Trump is considering school openings and renews allegations against China

US president Donald Trump has announced upcoming school openings in the US and his allegations China affirmed in connection with the corona virus. China could have prevented the virus from spreading to other countries, Trump said at a press conference at the White House.

“We are carrying out very serious investigations. We are not happy with China. We believe that it could have been stopped at its place of origin. It could have been contained very quickly and would not have spread all over the world,” said Trump .

With regard to possible easing measures in the US, Trump assumes that many schools will soon be able to reopen, even if it is only a few weeks until the holidays. The reason given is that it appears that the virus does not affect young people badly.

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Coronavirus info point


If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The rule is: always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

<! –
Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
Symptoms such as fever or cough noticed within 14 days:
always report first by phone! Under no circumstances simply drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
First contact your family doctor or call the 1450 health phone,
there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).

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