Mojang Releases Patch To Improve Minecraft Stability On Nintendo Switch

Mojang has released a patch for Minecraft in its version for Nintendo Switch with which they solve some performance problems that were introduced in this platform with the previous update that added more content and news.

According to the study, this patch “has been released on Nintendo Switch for Fix stability issues introduced with the 1.16.20 update. Please, continue contacting us through the web To keep reporting bugs, we appreciate your help! “

With this patch, the Switch version goes to build 1.16.21. The patch has been released from staggered form for all players, so it is expected that it is already available to the entire community.

For its part, Mojang’s game continues to add new features, such as the recent update based on Jurassic World, or new enemies in the form of los Piglin Brute.

In the juristic update, interact with non-player characters offering commissions, explore for DNA With which to build new dinosaurs and collaborate with non-playable characters and friends when the going gets tough – you never know when a T-Rex will decide to hang out in the park


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