MLB announced the top 10 of the best catchers of today

MLB Network made and published this Tuesday through its Twitter account the top of the best catchers today.

1) J.T Realmuto

The list is headed by chancellor JT Realmuto, who is currently a free agent and the Phillies seem very keen on getting him back for the next season.

The catcher has been with the Phillies for two seasons maintaining important numbers like .273 AVG, 36 HR, 115 RBI and 194 H in 711 at-bats. On the other hand, he managed to go to the All-Star Game both times, while in 2019 he won the Gold Glove and the Silver Bat of the National League in catching.

2) Yasmani Grandal

The Cuban is one of the surprises within this top 10, however, he has been fundamental behind the plate for the Chicago White Sox team. Grandal tested his first season in the American League during this 2020.

Despite suffering several injuries, he was present in 46 games on the schedule where he maintained (.230 AVG | .351 OBP | .422 SLG) hit eight home runs and struck out only 58 times within 161 at-bats of the season.

3) Will Smith

One of the best saved talents the Los Angeles Dodgers had, but which they took advantage of during the season, especially in the postseason.

In the regular season, Smith saw action in 37 games, uncooking all pitches when it came to offense. The 25-year-old young catcher drove in 25 runs, hit 8 home runs and maintained .289 AVG.

In addition, during the Division Series against the San Diego Padres he was fundamental. Will Smith was able to hit over .400, this way the Dodgers seem to have a sure catcher for a while.

The rest of the top 10 receivers complete it: Wilson Contreras, Sean Murphy, Austin Nola, Salvador Pérez, Travis D’Arnaud, Mitch Garver and James McCann.

Lastly, MLB Network let the fans bounce for their own top 10 of the best catchers in the Major Leagues.

Written by: Andrés Bolívar

Twitter: @Andreesbolivar

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