Minister Selçuk announced! Important step for primary school students from MEB …

Selcuk, AA correspondent, Turkey’s world and live in a different historical period, also on the education of this period show the effect, he said.

Turkey’s education in this process and minimize the losses to overcome to make every effort in their power that expresses Selcuk, support the kids and parents to contribute to the relationship with their children and students carrying the first of its kind in the area in order to reduce the learning loss was told they had a lot of work to life.

Among common concerns in the worldcoronavirus Stating that there was an increase in the learning losses of students during the time given to education due to the epidemic, Selçuk said that in the previous years, the summer months were mostly a holiday where children played and had fun.

Stating that they want the summer months to be fuller now, Selçuk underlined that they continue to offer alternatives to students to support their social-emotional, academic and career development through the Education Information Network (EBA) website and EBA TV Summer School.


Reminding that they prepared the holiday books called “Friends” to support primary school students and delivered them to approximately 5 million 300 thousand children, Selçuk continued as follows:

“With friend Ministry of Education For the first time among publications, a lecture was made through the story, games, entertainment and achievements were intertwined, a connection was established between the children’s own lives, their lives with their parents and the curriculum. We announced the ‘Natural’ application to support secondary schools on 9 July. There, we prepared a digital platform for our middle school students and created a mobile application. Play and lesson are intertwined there. “

Selçuk pointed out that the longer the summer holiday, the greater the learning losses of children, and therefore they want to increase the support and reduce these losses.

Minister Selçuk made the following evaluations:

“We want to provide fun, game-based content to children. In this context, for primary school 1, 2, 3 and 4 grades’Ready to Learn‘We prepared the set. This set has 4 books. Each of them includes Turkish, mathematics, social studies, science and life sciences content. It has a very fun and dynamic structure. A little out of the normal textbook, there are some content, riddles, games, real life sections that will attract the attention of children. All of these are linked to basic gains. When the kids say ‘I’m ready to learn’, are they ready for next year? This is our problem. So as face-to-face training gets delayed, we reassess what kind of losses there are and what the content of remedial education should be, and we look at what other countries are doing, watching the world. “

Stating that there are references to values ​​from the past to the present in addition to the lesson on the sets, Selçuk said that there are also activities that will strengthen the relationship of families with their children.



Noting that with the “I’m Ready to Learn” set, students can look at the content of the lessons for upper classes or lower classes, Selçuk underlined that the development cannot be stopped.

For 1st grade students “SeedStating that they have prepared another set of books titled “, Selçuk said:

“Why did we separate the 1st grade? The 1st grade is a year when the school has just started. The face-to-face education of our children with their teachers was not completed. For this reason, we made a privilege for the 1st grades here on EBA television. We have prepared a set that we call ‘Seed’. Here, too, we took an approach based on the four language skills of our children, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. A content that our teachers and academics prepared together and created together. . “

Minister Selçuk emphasized that they want children to repeat with fun and learn by playing.


Stating that they prepared the book set in such a way that children can move forward with fun and taking their own pace into consideration, Selçuk stated that this approach is new.


Stating that children can work without getting bored thanks to these contents, Selçuk gave the following information:

“We are also starting a new phase of our support for our children. Our parents, our children can access the ‘Ready to Learn’ and ‘Seed’ sets digitally from the EBA. We also plan to deliver a limited edition to some of our disadvantaged children. In the coming period, next week, the week after that. This kind of support will continue until the schools are opened, because we no longer see the concept of compensation as a work for a few weeks. We see compensation as a part of a continuous process. In other words, we see the next year as a year of compensation, because there is a spiral in the issues.

So when we take certain subjects, there are other issues related to it in the upper class. There is also a precondition relationship in these matters. In other words, a person who learns a certain step can learn a higher step, the subjects are connected. That’s why we take an approach that takes this spirality and precondition into consideration. Our efforts will continue to support our children and parents. Studies on our parents are also coming. We will share them when the time comes. “

Stating that they decided on remedial content based on the results of field research, Selçuk reminded that parents demand guidance on guidance in order to support their children’s education, adding that these guidelines have been completed and will be shared with the public soon.

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