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Would you consider that a modest-capacity 170 horsepower 1.6 supercharged motor could not only face up to 311,000 kilometers devoid of a main overhaul in 16 years, but also support get races? And underneath the hood of the Mini R50 sequence.

– No.and what is not R50! Only Minis with atmosphere were designated in this way, – Sergey Rybak, the operator of the car or truck, instantly corrects me. – And the Cooper S wore the R53 index. However, in quite a few spare parts catalogs, the R50 designation is nevertheless identified …

The tale of the creation of the first Mini by Alec Issigonis, introduced in 1959, is now regarded to all. And Issigonis’ slogans like “a designer ought to produce machines exclusively for himself” could effortlessly get lost in memes nowadays. But the neoclassical Mini with the internal designation R50 / R53 of the 2001 product, as time has shown, is no less useful to the mother’s story.

In 1994, the Germans of BMW acquired the Rover Team, as they say, with offal, which includes the generation of “typical” Minis and, earlier mentioned all, with all the rights for the business use of the manufacturer. The Bavarians then, in the 90s, entered so a great deal into the flavor that they coveted adhering to the Rolls-Royce. And not only did he invest in it, it was a professional results! But it failed to do the job out with the Rover from the start off. Points failed to go past the Rover 75 sedan and the use of BMW engines on Array Rover and Land Rover SUVs.


Even if it is now apparent that the two-way move with the purchase of the Rover Group and the subsequent discord was undertaken by the Germans with the sole function of civilly “squeezing” the Mini from the British. Following all, they sincerely did not fully grasp why to devote substantial quantities of funds in the development of the heir, albeit a cult car, but extended outdated. And BMW not only had a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan, but also its rather effective developments in entrance-wheel push. And if the Rover 75, as they say, did not go – not even the version with the V8 motor helped – then the Mini flew!

The entrance suspension of the Mini R50 / R53 is no distinctive from most classmates: McPherson struts, L-shaped levers and a rear decreased steering rack mounted on the exact same subframe with the suspension

In phrases of technological innovation, the Mini R50 / R53 is outstanding primarily as a compact entrance-wheel travel with rear multi-connection. Or alternatively, with a few levers. Lovers of old Hondas have to make a confront in this article: the EK sequence Civic, which was born even previously, not only experienced a multi-link rear suspension, but a double wishbone front suspension as properly. And Mini was material with the banal McPherson struts. However he drove just terrific!

The A few-url is not the finest suspension scheme in conditions of kinematics, but BMW engineers have succeeded: it is still applied in the contemporary UKL Mini system and its derivatives

The Authorview titles of these years are the most eloquent proof. “Illegitimate youngsters of like” – so Podorozhansky explained the Mini One particular and the primary Mini Cooper. “The fantastic toy” – this is Golovanov on the Cooper S compressor.

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Sergey, by the way, made his decision, also on the foundation of individuals content. At that time he was the business director of a cotton mill and he was not thinking at all about competing. Despite the fact that I have been fed up with motorsport because childhood, that is, given that the days of the Soviet Union.

The first steering wheel is not “bald”, the human body-coloured plastic has not peeled off, the upholstery is not greasy: the New Mini was created to BMW’s high quality expectations and did not skimp on supplies

“Unique appearance, superior minimal beam and dynamics” – this is how Sergey described the conditions for picking a Mini. All through a take a look at experience, he was allowed to deviate from the conventional study course so that he could expertise not only the easy asphalt of the Yaroslavl highway, but also the potholes of the encompassing construction web-sites. As a consequence, the medium Checkmate equipment was ordered – the leather-based interior below is adjacent not to the multimedia in the central saucer, but to the arrow indicators of the gas amount, oil temperature and antifreeze. There is no stabilization technique, only Abs. And the most critical stage is that Sergey has a copy of the pre-styling: as an alternative of the bizarre Prince turbo engine jointly produced by BMW and PSA, a Chrysler Pentagon collection device with a solid iron cylinder block and type supercharger was installed. Roots.-

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