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Serbian actor went to the monastery. About it informs “TV program.”

32-year-old Bikovich, according to Rambler, is known for roles in such films and TV shows as Sunstroke, Duhless 2, Without Borders, Hotel Eleon, Grand, Beyond Reality, “Ice”, “Balkan Frontier”, “Slave”, “Coma”, “Hotel Belgrade” and “Magomaev”.

Two months ago, on the air of the YouTube show “Caution Sobchak”, he mentioned that he was very devout, and his brother was the abbot of one of the Orthodox monasteries in Serbia. According to the “TV show”, the actor recently left the territory of Russia, arrived in Serbia, retired to his brother’s monastery and spends most of his time in prayer.

“I really needed a rest,” he explained, adding that he would stay in the monastery until the end of the self-isolation regime imposed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, on his Instagram yesterday, Bikovich announced that he had signed a cooperation agreement with Andrea Ervolino, the producer of such films as “The Merchant of Venice”, “And Lost the Battle”, “To the Bones” and “2047 – The Threat of Death”.

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