Milonov replied to Samburskaya, who laughed at the firefighters and called her a female: Politics: Russia:

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov responded to actress and TV presenter Anastasia Samburskaya, who laughed at the salaries of firefighters in Russia and said that because of this she would not marry a representative of this profession. On Monday, October 12, REN TV reports.

According to Milonov, firefighters should only be glad that after such statements such a girl will not meet on their way.

“They should feel great, because this female immediately overlaid herself with red flags, so normal and honest people should no longer pay attention to her. She will not marry a man, but his wallet. Well then, they will treat it the same way – not as a person, but as a set of mass-dimensional parameters, ”said the deputy.

The parliamentarian believes that Samburskaya, in her statement, essentially admitted that she was interested in men who take bribes.

Samburskaya made this statement after one of her subscribers in Instаgrаm asked in the story, she would marry a firefighter or an investigator. To this, the TV presenter replied that the representatives of these professions have too low salaries – from 30 to 35 thousand rubles. She added that only for utilities she pays 25 thousand rubles a month and another 20 thousand – for parking. In addition, according to her, she is renting an apartment during the renovation.

In September reportedthat Samburskaya complained about her “as if damned” apartment, where she could not finish the repairs.

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