Microsoft Surface Duo is priced at $ 1,400 – why? – CNN

(CNN Business) –– Microsoft’s first Android phone, Surface Duo, will arrive on September 10, according to the company announced Wednesday.

He Surface Duo costs $ 1,399. Just a moment. Let’s stop there for a second. Than? That is roughly the same price of a iPhone 11 Max equipped.

Yes, it is expensive. No, people probably won’t rush out to buy it. But both the price and the phone make sense for a number of reasons.

First, it is a dual screen device. Microsoft described the phone as “a great new form factor” in a blog post. It’s essentially a foldable tablet, which is also a phone. Each of the two displays on the Surface Duo is 14.2 centimeters that combine into a tablet-like display of 20.5 centimeters when unfolded. It has a single camera that allows the recording of video 4K.

So if the phone is really an iPad mini that folds … and it is also a cell phone … we are now entering the $ 1,400 field. The hinge works both ways, so you can either close the phone like a book or open it all the way to make it a two-sided phone. It’s also super-slim and boasts what might be one of the best displays on any phone. (Here there is one excellent synopsis of all the details of the Surface Duo made by our colleagues at CNN Underscored).

Second, Microsoft is promoting the Surface Duo as a productivity device. After all, it’s part of the Surface brand, the same one the company uses for its high-end computers that aim to showcase Microsoft software, including Office and Windows. The company reported that it optimized the entire Office suite for the Surface Duo, which can help people make video calls (very important right now) and get work done in the meantime.

The details of Microsoft’s new folding cell phone 0:45

And third, the phone is probably a display device. As with the original Surface, Microsoft is possibly looking to show more of what can be done than trying to convince millions of people to buy a Surface Duo. The first Surface was buggy (Microsoft faced a $ 1 billion reduction in product). But he got one very important thing right: the two-in-one laptop / tablet idea was a huge hit. The company stayed true to the idea, listened to feedback, refined it over time, and the Surface is now a successful product with an enthusiastic fan base.

Pre-orders for the Surface Duo are available starting Wednesday at Best Buy, Microsoft’s online store and AT&T, which owns WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company.

This is Microsoft’s first Android phone, after slowly will stop creating your line of Windows phones.

Folding phones they’ve had challenges in the past, like when faulty Samsung Galaxy Fold units – costing nearly $ 2,000 – were shipped to tech critics, who discovered cracked screens and hinges on the cover. Samsung delayed the launch of the device scheduled for April until September in response.

Despite that bug, several folding phones have hit the market, including the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. Chinese brands like Huawei Mate X and Oppo Reno 10X Zoom also compete with this product, but they are not sold directly to American consumers in official stores.

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