Microsoft prepares changes in group policies to enable human presence control in Windows 10 Sun Valley

Little by little we are getting to know some of the improvements that will come with Windows 10 21H2 or what is the same, Sun Valley, the name by which we now know it. And although it will not officially arrive until autumn, possible improvements like this one that add human presence control to improve security.

Microsoft had added an API for a function called “Human presence” and in fact some brands already adopt it on some of their computers. Now it is the turn of Windows 10 that with the autumn update can add this improvement to that the operating system detects our presence and reinforces security Consequently.

Dynamic blocking if we are absent

Human Presence

What this system does is allow that the operating system detects the presence of the user and adapt security so that the user experience is not compromised.

Now, in one of the Builds launched by the company a change in group policies has been noticed that allows administrators to automatically lock computers when the user is absent. A function presumably based on the use of the Windows Hello camera, but also supported by portable devices such as smartphones or watches that connect via Bluetooth.

So you can improve security when browsing by activating DNS through HTTPS in Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft is working on three new settings for Windows 10 relating to the safety of the team in absence situations:

  • Force instant lock: a system that when enabled allows automatic blocking if we move away from the PC for a time that we have specified. It can also detect the distance and lock the device automatically.
  • Force instant wake: With this system, contactless login is allowed when returning to the PC.
  • Lock timeout: the ability to determine how long to wait to unlock.
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Although it is already present in some teams, with the arrival of Sun Valley, Microsoft will include these options by default in the group policy editor regardless of the OEM that then mounts the operating system.

Via | Windows Latest

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