Microsoft offers users Dualsense functions on Xbox Series X

It’s usually the other way around, but it seems like Microsoft is trying to figure out whether the Dualsense technology on Xbox Series X is worth it.

When someone does something wrong, people jump on them. We already know that. But when you get it right, you are rarely given the same coverage. However, in the shadows and in the background of the development and marketing teams there are often questions that no one dares to ask openly. Among them is the one that Microsoft seems to be doing to its users. And it seems that we could see something similar to Dualsense en Xbox Series X.

It is true and true that the PlayStation 5 controller is really innovative. Its functions, such as haptic technology or adaptive triggers, have delighted gamers who have taken one of the consoles. However, the efforts of the Americans have gone in other directions. Thus, despite having a good command, compared to the previous generation things have not changed much.

Maybe that’s why Microsoft has been sending a survey of Xbox Series users S | X to find out how your experience has been. This is something quite common in companies. Nintendo does it every two times three and gives you silver points that you do not really know if they are good for anything. But the funny thing about it is that, at a certain point in the survey, he asks directly about the likes of the command.

He literally wonders if we are “aware of the functionalities of the PlayStation controller” and if we “would like them to be on the controller that comes with the console. [Xbox Series S|X]».

Obviously, this does not mean that the company is going to modify the command. It is very unlikely. But seeing its trajectory and having tested the company’s Elite controls, it does seem more likely that it will incorporate some functionalities in a supposed new “pro” controller.

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